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s2Member® Framework

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The s2Member® Framework, is a free membership management plugin for WordPress® Roles & Capabilities.

s2Member® Framework (free WordPress® plugin for membership management)

The s2Member® Framework is an extremely versatile & powerful (free) membership management plugin for WordPress®. The s2Member® Framework plugin integrates seamlessly with PayPal® Standard Buttons (very easy), and fully supports recurring billing, with the ability to track affiliate commissions on a recurring basis (through your choice of many affiliate platforms). s2Member® supports custom Pages for registration; including Custom Registration/Profile Fields, account access, and a whole lot more! See expanding features below.

Install the s2Member® plugin today for an instant membership solution, and completely free!

PayPal® Standard Button IntegrationPayPal® Standard Button Integration

PayPal® Pro Form IntegrationPayPal® Pro Form Integration

Stripe™ Pro Form IntegrationStripe™ Pro Form Integration

Authorize.Net® Pro Form Integration (Also Popular)Authorize.Net® Pro Form Integration

Google Wallet® Button IntegrationGoogle Wallet® Button Integration

ClickBank® Button IntegrationClickBank® Button Integration

Membership FunctionalitiesMembership Functionalities

Content Restriction FunctionalitiesContent Restriction Functionalities

File Download Restriction FunctionalitiesFile Restriction Functionalities

Mass Update & Import/Export FunctionalitiesMass Update & Import/Export Functionalities

Plugins & Widgets for s2Member®Plugins & Widgets for s2Member®

Mailing List FunctionalitiesMailing List Functionalities

Affiliate Management & Tracking CompatibilitiesAffiliate Management & Tracking Compatibilities

Social Networking & Forum CompatibilitiesSocial Networking Compatibilities

Developer-Friendly FeaturesDeveloper-Friendly Features

Multisite Networking FunctionalitiesMultisite Networking Functionalities
s2Member® Framework (General Options)
s2Member® Framework (Open Registration)
s2Member® Framework (Membership Levels/Labels)
s2Member® Framework (Registration/Profile Fields)
s2Member® Framework (Registration/Profile Field Creation)
s2Member® Framework (Special Pages)
s2Member® Framework (Login/Registration Design)
s2Member® Framework (Email Configuration)
s2Member® Framework (Profile Modifications)
s2Member® Framework (Restriction Options)
s2Member® Framework (Alternative View Restrictions)
s2Member® Framework (IP Restrictions)
s2Member® Framework (Security Badge)
s2Member® Framework (PayPal® Options)
s2Member® Framework (PayPal® Account Details)
s2Member® Framework (PayPal® IPN Integration)
s2Member® Framework (PayPal® Auto-Return/PDT Integration)
s2Member® Framework (Signup Confirmation Email)
s2Member® Framework (PayPal® Buttons)
s2Member® Framework (PayPal® Button Generator)
s2Member® Framework (MailChimp®)
s2Member® Framework (AWeber®)
s2Member® Framework (Double Opt-In)
s2Member® Framework (Email List Transitioning)
s2Member® Framework (File Downloads)
s2Member® Framework (Amazon® S3)
s2Member® Framework (Amazon® Cloudfront)
s2Member® Framework (Downloads via Mod Rewrite)
s2Member® Framework (JW Player®)
s2Member® Framework (API Notifications)
s2Member® Framework (API Scripting)
s2Member® Framework (Hooks/Filters)
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See Also: The s2Member® Codex
(unified source code documentation)


  • Tested up to: WP® v4.4-alpha
  • Requires at least: WP® v4.2

Not sure you're compatible? Run:
(unzip & upload to your server — then open in a browser)

All Product Specifications

  • Version: 150827
  • Stable tag: 150827
  • SSL Compatible: yes
  • bbPress® Compatible: yes
  • WordPress® Compatible: yes
  • BuddyPress® Compatible: yes
  • WP® Multisite Compatible: yes
  • Multisite Blog Farm Compatible: yes
  • PayPal® Standard Compatible: yes
  • Stripe™ Compatible: yes w/s2Member® Pro
  • PayPal® Pro Compatible: yes w/s2Member® Pro
  • Authorize.Net® Compatible: yes w/s2Member® Pro
  • Google® Checkout Compatible: yes w/s2Member® Pro
  • ClickBank® Compatible: yes w/s2Member® Pro
  • Tested up to: WP® v4.4-alpha
  • Requires at least: WP® v4.2
  • Requires PHP: 5.2+
  • Tested up to PHP: 5.6
  • Copyright: © 2009 WebSharks, Inc.
  • License: GNU General Public License v2 or later.
  • Contributors: WebSharks, JasWSInc, anguz, raamdev, sitegeek, kristineds
  • Author: s2Member® / WebSharks, Inc.
  • Text Domain: s2member
  • Domain Path: /includes/translations
  • Plugin Name: s2Member® Framework
s2Member® Video Tutorials
See Also: s2Member® Video Tutorials
(by Lead Developer: Jason Caldwell)

Install Requirements

  • Tested up to: WP® v4.4-alpha
  • Requires at least: WP® v4.2

Not sure you're compatible? Run:
(unzip & upload to your server — then open in a browser)

s2Member® is very easy to install.

  1. Upload the /s2member folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress®.
  3. Navigate to the s2Member® Options panel for configuration details.

Auto-updating s2Member® to the latest version.

  1. In your WordPress® Dashboard, go to: s2Member® -> General Options -> Deactivation Safeguards. Be sure that safeguards are on. This tells s2Member® NOT to remove any existing data/options; should WordPress® try to deactivate it inadvertently.
  2. Backup your files and database before upgrading any aspect of your WordPress® installation.
  3. Now, you can upgrade automatically by going to WordPress® -> Plugins. Find s2Member® in the list of plugins, and choose "upgrade automatically". Or, if that fails with memory errors, you can upgrade manually via FTP. See instructions below.

Why would I get memory errors during automatic upgrade?

This depends on your hosting provider and/or server configuration. Some hosting companies impose very low limits on the amount of memory available to WordPress® during the execution of a single script. Since s2Member® is a larger plugin, WordPress® may exceed conservative limits set forth by shared hosting companies. The solution is to upgrade manually via FTP. Memory limits only affect the WordPress® auto-installation/upgrade routine, not the actual functionality of WordPress® or s2Member®.

Manually updating s2Member® via FTP (alternative).

  1. In your WordPress® Dashboard, go to: s2Member® -> General Options -> Deactivation Safeguards. Be sure that safeguards are on. This tells s2Member® NOT to remove any existing data/options; should WordPress® try to deactivate it inadvertently.
  2. Backup your files and database before upgrading any aspect of your WordPress® installation.
  3. Login via FTP. We recommend FileZilla™. Delete the entire /wp-content/plugins/s2member directory. You can leave /s2member-logs and /s2member-files. These extra directories contain files that should NOT be removed or overwritten.
  4. Now unzip the latest s2Member® distribution file, and upload the latest /s2member folder to /wp-content/plugins. You should end up with /wp-content/plugins/s2member/s2member.php, along with several other files and sub-directories. Make sure you don't accidentally nest two /s2member/s2member directories together. For example, this is NOT correct: /wp-content/plugins/s2member/s2member/s2member.php.
  5. Log into your WordPress® Dashboard and go to: WordPress® -> Plugins. s2Member® is capable re-activating itself automatically when it detects a new set of files. So even with a manual upgrade, everything will load up safely upon returning to your WordPress® Dashboard. You should see a notice in the Plugins panel of your Dashboard, indicating success.

Taking your site offline during a manual FTP upgrade.

It is always a good idea to take your site offline during an upgrade. Try WP Maintenance Mode.

This unified changelog covers changes for all s2Member® products. s2Member® version numbers (also unified) indicate each public release date, in this format: YYMMDD.

Aug 27th, 2015(current/stable)s2member-v150827.zip1.39 MB
Jul 22nd, 2015(archived release)s2member-v150722.zip1.38 MB
Mar 11th, 2015(archived release)s2member-v150311.zip1.36 MB
Feb 25th, 2015(archived release)s2member-v150225.zip1.37 MB
Feb 3rd, 2015(archived release)s2member-v150203.zip1.36 MB
Jan 2nd, 2015(archived release)s2member-v150102.zip1.37 MB
Oct 7th, 2014(archived release)s2member-v141007.zip1.34 MB
Sep 21st, 2014(archived release)s2member-v140921.zip1.27 MB
Sep 9th, 2014(archived release)s2member-v140909.zip1.27 MB
Aug 16th, 2014(archived release)s2member-v140816.zip1.27 MB
Jul 25th, 2014(archived release)s2member-v140725.zip1.26 MB
Jun 14th, 2014(archived release)s2member-v140614.zip1.26 MB
Jun 3rd, 2014(archived release)s2member-v140603.zip1.26 MB
May 20th, 2014(archived release)s2member-v140520.zip1.26 MB
Apr 23rd, 2014(archived release)s2member-v140423.zip1.23 MB
Apr 9th, 2014(archived release)s2member-v140409.zip1.23 MB
Mar 28th, 2014(archived release)s2member-v140328.zip1.25 MB
Jan 5th, 2014(archived release)s2member-v140105.zip1.22 MB
Nov 26th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v131126.zip1.2 MB
Nov 9th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v131109.zip1.2 MB
Oct 26th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v131026.zip1.18 MB
Oct 25th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v131025.zip1.18 MB
Aug 16th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130816.zip2.57 MB
Aug 2nd, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130802.zip2.57 MB
Aug 1st, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130801.zip2.57 MB
Jul 31st, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130731.zip2.57 MB
Jun 17th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130617.zip2.56 MB
May 13th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130513.zip2.56 MB
May 10th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130510.zip2.56 MB
Apr 6th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130406.zip2.56 MB
Apr 4th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130404.zip2.56 MB
Feb 21st, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130221.zip2.56 MB
Feb 20th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130220.zip2.56 MB
Feb 14th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130214.zip2.55 MB
Feb 13th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130213.zip2.55 MB
Feb 7th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130207.zip2.54 MB
Feb 6th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130206.zip2.54 MB
Feb 3rd, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130203.zip2.54 MB
Jan 23rd, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130123.zip2.54 MB
Jan 21st, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130121.zip2.48 MB
Jan 16th, 2013(archived release)s2member-v130116.zip2.47 MB
Dec 13th, 2012(archived release)s2member-v121213.zip2.48 MB
Dec 4th, 2012(archived release)s2member-v121204.zip2.48 MB
Dec 1st, 2012(archived release)s2member-v121201.zip2.48 MB
Oct 23rd, 2012(archived release)s2member-v121023.zip2.48 MB
Jul 3rd, 2012(archived release)s2member-v120703.zip2.48 MB
Jun 22nd, 2012(archived release)s2member-v120622.zip2.48 MB
Jun 8th, 2012(archived release)s2member-v120608.zip2.48 MB
Jun 1st, 2012(archived release)s2member-v120601.zip2.48 MB
May 17th, 2012(archived release)s2member-v120517.zip2.48 MB
May 14th, 2012(archived release)s2member-v120514.zip2.48 MB
Mar 9th, 2012(archived release)s2member-v120309.zip2.47 MB
Mar 8th, 2012(archived release)s2member-v120308.zip2.47 MB
Mar 4th, 2012(archived release)s2member-v120304.zip2.47 MB
Mar 1st, 2012(archived release)s2member-v120301.zip2.47 MB
Feb 19th, 2012(archived release)s2member-v120219.zip2.47 MB
Feb 13th, 2012(archived release)s2member-v120213.zip2.47 MB
Dec 20th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v111220.zip3.08 MB
Dec 16th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v111216.zip3.08 MB
Dec 6th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v111206.zip3.08 MB
Nov 5th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v111105.zip3.08 MB
Oct 29th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v111029.zip3.08 MB
Oct 17th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v111017.zip3.07 MB
Oct 11th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v111011.zip3.07 MB
Oct 3rd, 2011(archived release)s2member-v111003.zip3.07 MB
Oct 2nd, 2011(archived release)s2member-v111002.zip3.07 MB
Sep 27th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110927.zip3.07 MB
Sep 26th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110926.zip3.06 MB
Sep 15th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110915.zip3.03 MB
Sep 13th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110913.zip3.03 MB
Sep 12th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110912.zip3.03 MB
Aug 15th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110815.zip2.98 MB
Aug 12th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110812.zip2.97 MB
Jul 31st, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110731.zip2.97 MB
Jul 10th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110710.zip2.92 MB
Jul 9th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110709.zip2.92 MB
Jul 8th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110708.zip2.92 MB
Jun 20th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110620.zip2.92 MB
Jun 17th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110617.zip2.92 MB
Jun 6th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110606.zip2.92 MB
Jun 5th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110605.zip2.92 MB
Jun 4th, 2011(archived release)s2member-v110604.zip2.92 MB

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