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WP Redirects (A Plugin for WordPress®)


There are a few redirection plugins for WordPress® out there already. However, I consider redirections to be as important as any other functionality in WordPress®. I have many sites that depend heavily on redirections for affiliate marketing, coupons, and lots of other important things on-site.

So… I didn’t want just a quick and dirty hack that someone tossed together. I wanted something a little more official.

That’s why I decided to create WP Redirects. This plugin uses Custom Post Types in WordPress®, so the important parts of this plugin are very stable. And, by having a Redirection Post Type, it’s very easy to create/edit/rename/delete Redirects from the Dashboard — using an existing WP interface.

This plugin can be downloaded from the plugins repository at

WP Redirects Plugin: Description/Usage

This plugin is VERY simple. There are NO configuration options necessary.

This plugin adds a new Post Type. This plugin makes it SUPER easy to create redirections on your site. From anywhere — to anywhere! It even creates redirection links for you (i.e. Redirect Permalinks — using these is optional however). This is also a very lightweight plugin (only one PHP file).

After installing this plugin, create a new Redirect (find menu item on the left in your Dashboard). Redirects can be simple or complex. You can even use regular expression patterns! It is also possible to control the HTTP status code that is sent to a browser during redirection.


WP Snippets is very easy to install (instructions).

  • Download and extract the /wp-redirects directory.
  • Upload the /wp-redirects folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress®.
  • Create Redirects in WordPress® (see: Dashboard -› Redirects).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can manage Redirects in the Dashboard?

By default, only WordPress® Administrators can manage (i.e. create/edit) Redirects. If you would like to give others the Capabilities required, please use a plugin like Enhanced Capability Manager. Add the following Capabilities to the additional Roles that should be allowed to manage Redirects.

$caps = array


v130206 – Initial release.

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