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Please read carefully. This pertains to your purchase, and to your usage of, all products available @

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Gaining Download Access

The Registration/Checkout Process

Access to our Products is provided immediately after you've paid for your order. Upon completing registration/checkout, you may log in at We will also send you an email after registration/checkout, with a link to the login page.

All Products are delivered digitally, via file downloads at You'll also have access to any future releases we make available.

Updates, Security & Compatibility

Future-Proofing / Software Compatibility With WordPress®

All of our Products are designed to be compatible with the latest available version of WordPress®. We also make every effort to future-proof our Products, in a variety of ways, so they'll remain compatible in future versions of WordPress®. Of course, there are exceptions, and we're not perfect. We can give no guarantee that all Products will remain functional in future versions of WordPress®. If something major changes in a new version of WordPress®; and updates or improvements are needed, they will be made available on our website. You will receive these updates & improvements at no additional charge.

IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera

Cross-Browser Compatibility / Standards Compliance

Our Products support all modern web browsers. Including, but not limited to: Firefox®, Safari, Google® Chrome, Opera & Internet Explorer®.

While we strive to give every Product a seamless & near-identical experience across each of these browsers, it is impossible to compensate for the lack of web standards support (relating to XHTML & CSS) in some of these browsers; particularly with early versions of Internet Explorer®.

In the case of a particular browser (or a particular browser version) not supporting certain web standards, we will include a generic workaround for that browser (when possible); which will degrade a specific function/feature gradually, and in a way that doesn’t affect the user experience negatively.

Licensing Terms & Other Conditions

Code Modifications / GPL licensing

WordPress® / GNU GPL v2 Licensing

Our Products are licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 License, as is WordPress®. The GPL allows both personal and/or commercial use. You are free to modify and adapt our Products to fit your purposes, or for the purposes of your clients.

However, please take note...

s2Member® Pro Is Comprised Of Two Parts

(1) Its PHP code is licensed under the GPL license, as is WordPress® itself.

(2) All other parts of s2Member® Pro; including, but not limited to: the CSS code, some JavaScript code, images, design; and the associated support-related content & services that we provide; are licensed according to the license you purchase (i.e. Single-Site or Unlimited-Site License); and/or as attributed in the /licensing/ directory of the distribution, which provides additional credits and acknowledgments.

Unless you have our prior written consent, you must NOT directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell, resell, or provide for free; part (2) of the s2Member® Pro Module. All of these things are strictly prohibited with part (2) of the s2Member® Pro Module.

Single-Site License vs. Unlimited-Site License

A Single-Site License provides support for ONE instance of the s2Member® Product(s) that you purchase. Perfect for site owners with only one domain name. However, please note... if you run a WordPress® Multisite Network, with an s2Member® Product activated on multiple child blogs or sub-sites within your Network (regardless of whether you use sub-domains or sub-directories), this will always require our Unlimited-Site License, because s2Member® runs as a separate instance on each child blog or sub-site in the Network. To clarify, a Single-Site License does NOT provide support for multiple child blogs or sub-sites, even if they do run within a single Multisite Network installation of WordPress®.

An Unlimited Site License provides support for an unlimited number of s2Member® Product instances. Perfect for site owners with multiple domain names, and/or those who operate a WordPress® Multisite Network installation. Each of your s2Member® Product instances must be installed/activated on domains that you own & operate. This goes for all s2Member® Products that you purchase under an Unlimited Site License.

Please note... if you're a developer, your clients will need to purchase their own Single-Site and/or Unlimited-Site License. We will not support s2Member® Product instances on domains that you do NOT own and operate yourself. We invite all developers to join our affiliate program, and refer their clients to, where your clients may purchase an s2Member® Product of their own. This also gives your clients access to future releases.

Definition Of A Multisite Blog Farm / Network Support License

If you operate a WordPress® Multisite Network, for the purpose of maintaining multiple child blogs or sub-sites that you own yourself, an s2Member® Unlimited-Site License is sufficient (e.g. you do NOT need a Network Support License if all child blogs or sub-sites are your own).

In the case of a WordPress® Multisite Network operating as a Blog Farm, you WILL need our Network Support License (e.g. our Network Support License is required for Blog Farms), which includes everything that our Unlimited-Site License provides, plus support for the creation of child blogs or sub-sites; including the ability to restrict the number of child blogs or sub-sites that can be created by your users/members.

If you operate a WordPress® Multisite Network, and your Network DOES make it possible for users/members to create child blogs or sub-sites (in any way), we consider your installation to be a Multisite Blog Farm. Please note, many site owners run a Multisite Network for the purpose of maintaining their OWN child blogs or sub-sites. The term Multisite Blog Farm does NOT apply to a Network that hosts multiple child blogs or sub-sites, all of which are operated by a single site owner. A Multisite Blog Farm (in the eyes of s2Member®), is a Network that makes it possible for its users/members to create child blogs or sub-sites; where one or more of these child blogs or sub-sites is administered by a user/member (e.g. if you offer blogs or sub-sites to your customers, for free or otherwise).

Copyright Ownership / Intellectual Property Rights

Copyright "All Rights Reserved"

Intellectual Property Rights

All of our Products are copyrighted by s2Member®, with all rights reserved. s2Member® is a registered trademark of WebSharks™ (WebSharks, Inc.). You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership over any of our Products, modified or unmodified. All Products are property of s2Member®.

Our Products are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. s2Member® shall not be liable for any damages, including, but not limited to: direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, or other losses arising out of the use of, or inability to use our Products.

Site Content Ownership

All site content at, including, but not limited to: design concepts, scripts, layouts, images, videos, manuals and other documentation; is the property of s2Member®. Content from this site shall not be used or exploited for commercial or non-commercial purposes, without the prior written consent of s2Member®.

Customer Service / Refund Policy

Refund Policy / Digital Goods

Since s2Member® is offering non-tangible, irrevocable, digital goods; we generally do NOT issue refunds. During checkout, upon clicking the "Submit" button, your purchase is charged to the credit/debit card that you supplied. All sales are final. You cannot cancel a purchase or receive a refund for a purchase. Please test the free version of our products before purchasing.

However, we will consider a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase, if you are unable to install a Product due to a technical incompatibility that we are unable to resolve. Or, if the Product fails to perform basic functions, as designed. And, you HAVE already worked with, and followed all advice presented by our support team, in an effort to resolve these issues. Any refunds that are processed, will be granted at the sole discretion of s2Member®. No refunds will be given after 30 days from the initial purchase whatsoever. By purchasing a Product at, you agree to the terms of our Refund Policy. You cannot cancel a purchase or receive a refund for a purchase.

Customer Support

Service & Support Policy

For pre-sale questions please see Pre-Sale FAQs.
If you have other questions, please contact our Sales Dept.

Support for Products by s2Member® is available through your account at, which grants you access to a customer-only Support System where you can ask us technical questions. Our customer support representatives are available Monday through Friday; excluding all major holidays. Or, you can discuss problems/solutions with others in our public Community Forum available to all site owners.

s2Member® offers its Products "as is", with no implied warranty or guarantee that they will function exactly as you wish, or with all 3rd-party components and plugins. Further, we offer no support via email, or otherwise, for installation, customization or administration of WordPress® itself, or of other WordPress® themes/plugins. We only cover support for our own Products, and we can't give general WordPress® support; or offer advice about things which are not specifically related to our Products.

See also: s2Member's Support Policy for additional details and specifics.

Other Terms & Conditions

Transactional Emails

s2Member® may, on occasion, send you email notifications related to your account at These transactional emails may include notification of licensing changes, changes to our terms and conditions, and/or other transactional emails related to your purchase of one or more s2Member® Products.

Prices Are Subject To Change

s2Member® reserves the right, at any time, and from time to time, to modify or discontinue (temporarily or permanently); a Product (or any part thereof), with or without notice. Prices of all Products and Subscriptions, including, but not limited to: the individual price of Products, and any monthly Subscription fees (if applicable).

Warranty / Guarantee; Liability Limitation

s2Member® does not warranty or guarantee its Products in any manner. We cannot guarantee our Products will function with all 3rd-party components, plugins or web browsers. s2Member® is not responsible for any 3rd-party plugin compatibility conflicts that may occur. It is our policy to support all s2Member® Products as best we can. However, we will only provide support for 3rd-party plugin conflicts, at our own discretion; as time allows. Please report any known conflicts to an s2Member® developer using our Support Center. We may offer suggestions or alternatives.

s2Member® is not responsible for any data loss that may occur as a result of installing, running, and/or uninstalling any s2Member® Product. Please remember to backup your files & database before installing, running, upgrading, and/or uninstalling any s2Member® Product. If data loss does occur, please report it to an s2Member® developer using our Support Center. We may offer helpful advice.

Additional Policies (Included Herein By Direct Reference)

Please read: s2Member's Support Policy (Specifics) and s2Member's Privacy Policy

Contact Information

If there are any questions regarding this Agreement, you may contact our parent company: WebSharks™.

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Closing Statements / Acceptance / Changes

Acceptance Of Terms & Conditions

By purchasing one or more s2Member® Products, you indicate that you've read and agree to these Terms & Conditions, our Support Policy, and our Privacy Policy.

Future Modifications / Changes In This Agreement

s2Member® reserves the right to change or modify the current Terms & Conditions with no prior notice. If we decide to change our Terms & Conditions, we will post those changes on this page, and/or update the modification date below. Policy changes related to the purchase of a Product License, will apply only to Products purchased after the date of the change.

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Contacting s2Member: Please use our Support Center for bug reports, pre-sale questions & technical assistance.