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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials by Lead Developer (Jason Caldwell). Also by s2Member® Support Reps: Cristián Lávaque & Raam Dev.

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Playlists By: Jason Caldwell (Lead Developer)
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Embedding and/or Linking To s2Member® Videos
  • Embedding s2Member® video playlists into your own site. Underneath each video, you will find the <embed> HTML code. Copy & paste this code into your WordPress® editor (using the HTML tab); or with any other HTML editor, it doesn't have to be in WordPress®. Feel free to modify the width, height, autoplay and start values in the <embed> code to whatever you need.
  • If you link directly to a video here at, additional query string parameters are available.
    • autoplay=1 Optional. If you would like a video to play automatically, add this query string parameter. By default, videos will not play automatically, a visitor must click the play button. Ex:
    • start={integer} Optional. Any positive integer. This parameter causes the player to begin playing the video at the given number of seconds from the start of the video. Ex:

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