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API scripting help please

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Posted: Tuesday Jan 7th, 2014 at 4:16 pm #62479
Ron Praeger
Username: rpraeger


I purchased s2member pro hoping i would be able to do some basic enrollments for our affiliate program. This is what i need to accomplish:

Several things happen when someone joins our Direct Marketing Program

First they have to pay an enrollment fee
then they have to be enrolled as an affiliate with Post Affiliate Pro

I know there is a way to have the API tell Post Affiliate Pro that the affiliate has paid and to automatically enroll them into the affiliate program. I mean every major company has that function. Amway takes you through multiple pages including collecting a payment then enrolls you automatically in the affiliate program, so do many many others

In the meantime I need help getting this done. Im willing to pay someone that knows how to do this.
We will have 3 options for the affiliate to choose from lets say “silver” Gold” “platinum” for sake of conversation. So the affiliate chooses what program he/she wants to join then is taken to paypal for credit card payment, once the payment is complete a script writes back to post affiliate pro and approves them for the affiliate program. Then sends the affiliate an email with login instructions both for s2members (not sure why i need that) and for the affiliate control panel.

This type of work is too new for me to handle and I’m just hoping I explained it well enough for someone to be able to help. I had been thinking about going with Amember prior to paying for this program but decided to go the cheap route and now im quite frustrated.

Anyone interested in helping let me know

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Posted: Wednesday Jan 8th, 2014 at 4:59 pm #62496

@rpraeger This is certainly possible with s2Member’s API scripting and the Post Affiliate Pro API. Ping me at and we can work something out.

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