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Best Solution is eluding me!

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Posted: Thursday Aug 1st, 2013 at 8:15 am #54593
Ad Casey
Username: alcasey

Looking for some advice from experienced membership site builders.

My Requirements:
Allow 3 different content access levels all free of charge.
(Customer, Reseller, Staff)
Allow free registration pages for each (i.e. We don’t want to manually setup new users)
Track their training knowledge with LMS system (View Progress, Modules taken/completed, quizzes passed)

My Current Setup:
WordpressTheme: OptimizePress 2.0
Secure Content Plugin: s2Member Pro
LMS: ? (Currently trialling both WPCourseware and Learndash)

Problems I’m having:
So OptimizePress and s2Member work great together. I have three separate registration pages that give each type of user specific access rights to only see the content we want them to see.

However I’m struggling to implement an LMS plugin to track the progress of a users training.

Both solutions (Learndash and WPCourseware) are based on custom posts types. But my theme works on wordpress pages and cutomised page layout templates. So when we view a LMS generate course content page they are actually pots and so break out of the main sites design and layout templates and look aweful.

Both support teams from Learndash and WPCourseware have advised that I would need to customise the single.php to make it fit into the custom page designs that I have with OptimizePress theme.

However I’m not a coder so this is difficult for me.

So I continued my search and found woothemes Sensei plugin which uses the same custom post types.
So it looks as though I’m not going to be able to use the OptimizePress them (without customization work) with any of these LMS plugins.

Looking at all of these LMS systems based purely on the look and feel I’d have to say Woothemes Sensei installed on their Definition Theme looks the best and offers the user tracking feature.
However speaking to their support team it looks like I’d have to use a plugin called ‘Groups’ which looks like a replacement for s2Member.

I’ve installed this but it seems more complicated to use that s2Member and so I’m not sure if this is the best solution. So does s2Member work with the woothemes Sensei plugin or Definition Theme?

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