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Posted: Wednesday Mar 28th, 2012 at 3:35 pm #9362

I have read everywhere on how to do this and cannot seem to get it to work. I work for 2 publications and one is a paid publication in which we use WordPress to restrict access to the magazines and maintain subscriptions. Totally works great but the only downfall is we offer a digital subscription but no way to truly secure them. Right now the only security they have from paid and non-subscribers are the posts in which the links are on, are only available for paid subscribers.

The folders are just in a place on our server that I assume most people won’t look for. I then figured out that s2member offers a file restriction option but it doesn’t seem to work well with folders and HTML files that link to various other content. We currently have a little over a years worth of monthly magazines and would love to be able to block access to the folders to only paid members. I tried using all the mod_rewrites options, but they don’t seem to work.

Basically when I link to the folder with an HTML file inside of it that links to the magazine(which is in flash format, combined with all kinds of images and javascript and XML files), it just loads a blank page and says “download adobe flash to view”.

Is there something I’m missing or is just still not fully functional, or does someone know a workaround? I’d post some images of some more detailed information but it doesn’t look like I can on here.

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Posted: Thursday Mar 29th, 2012 at 10:36 pm #9534
David Welch
Username: dwbiz05

In order for s2member to protect your files, you will need to place your files in the s2member-files directory of the plugins folder. This folder is protected by s2member.

These videos show how to set it all up:

Without knowing exactly how your set-up works, that’s the best direction I can give at the moment.

Hope that helps,


Posted: Sunday Apr 7th, 2013 at 10:04 am #46799


I have a digital magazine that I am trying to offer to paid subscribers. When I upload the collection of files and folders (created by UniFlip and accessed via to the s2member-files folder, it sends paid subscribers who are logged in to the registration page and not the digital magazine.

I have tried putting the files in a directory other than the s2member-files and then use URI restrictions. That didn’t work. I have tried every combination I can think of and spent hours scouring the forums for a similar issue. Tried a few – but still not luck.

Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!


Posted: Sunday Apr 7th, 2013 at 12:27 pm #46803


I get redirected directly to my home page if I go to any address like here

I get redirected to homepage. I’ve tried with different user levels but result is the same.

I’ve watched the whole video, and configured the membership signup and other page that needs to be chosen for welcome purpose.

I’ve also configured all access levels to have 999999 download(unlimited) and 365 days of access.

What am I missing? Here is my log file;

LOG ENTRY: Sun Apr 7th, 2013 @ precisely 4:24 pm UTC
PHP v5.3.3-7+squeeze15 :: WordPress® v3.5.1 :: s2Member® v130406
Memory 23.33 MB :: Real Memory 23.50 MB :: Peak Memory 23.41 MB :: Real Peak Memory 23.50 MB–s2member-start
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.31 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/26.0.1410.43 Safari/537.31
array (
‘state’ => ‘response’,
‘transport_class’ => ‘WP_HTTP_streams’,
‘args’ =>
array (
‘method’ => ‘POST’,
‘timeout’ => 0.01,
‘redirection’ => 5,
‘httpversion’ => ‘1.0’,
‘user-agent’ => ‘WordPress/3.5.1;’,
‘blocking’ => false,
‘headers’ =>
array (
‘Accept-Encoding’ => ‘deflate;q=1.0, compress;q=0.5’,
‘Content-Length’ => 0,
‘cookies’ =>
array (
‘body’ => NULL,
‘compress’ => false,
‘decompress’ => true,
‘sslverify’ => true,
‘stream’ => false,
‘filename’ => NULL,
‘_redirection’ => 5,
‘ssl’ => false,
‘local’ => true,
‘url’ => ‘’,
‘response’ =>
‘errors’ =>
array (
‘http_request_failed’ =>
array (
0 => ‘Could not open handle for fopen() to’,
‘error_data’ =>
array (

Thank you very very much. This framework is the only one that easy to configure and use.

I really needed a framework like this for my future projects and this is my first trial, If I can get this going, I’ll be using this framework and definitely looking to be a pro member.

I just need some clarification..


Posted: Sunday Apr 7th, 2013 at 1:21 pm #46808

It’s solved.

I am using my domain without www.

so I was giving my links as….

I was not supposed to put http:// infornt of my domain.

so when I link files from protected pages I need to do


Thanks so much.

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