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EOT to woocommerce customer, not subscriber

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Posted: Tuesday Feb 12th, 2013 at 2:35 am #41537

Please help, and sincerely thank any and all who do. This may be a newb question but i am a newb so thank you for any laymen terms.
I have looked at attempted the hacks and i just cant figure out how to accomplish this:
UPON EOT instead of demoting users to “free subscriber”
I want to demote/revert back to the role of my woocommerce “Customer”

I have tried the mu-plugin/s2-hacks.php……..and every combination ive tried the only thing ive accomplished is getting it to switch the role upon EOT to “none”
This maybe simple for someone but not for me i guess……so any detailed help in newb terms would make me soooo happy! Thanks for any and all help!!!
Vital Vintage

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Posted: Thursday Feb 14th, 2013 at 7:25 pm #41730
Username: Eduan

Hello Vital Vintage,

Could you please give us references to what you have already tried? We may be able to help you on using those hacks/solutions.

Also, what is the name of your WooCommerce role name? I mean the code name, not the pretty name. So for example, instead of “s2Member Level #1”, the code name would be “s2member-level1”, as an example, not sure if accurate. :)

– Eduan

Posted: Friday Feb 15th, 2013 at 6:12 am #41828

for my demotion role i was using “Gold Member”

and trying for subscriber: “customer”
and my_cust_role: “customer”

And combinations with those values but with no success other than getting it to switch from Gold Member to “NONE” or of course the default “free subscriber”

Posted: Friday Feb 15th, 2013 at 6:13 am #41829


Posted: Friday Feb 15th, 2013 at 6:13 am #41830

add_filter(“ws_plugin__s2member_force_demotion_role”, “my_demotion_role”);
function my_demotion_role($default = “subscriber”)
return /* I say it is… */ “my_custom_role”;

Posted: Saturday Mar 9th, 2013 at 6:22 am #44146

thanks for all the timely help everyone!!!!!!!

Posted: Monday Mar 25th, 2013 at 2:24 pm #45673
Username: kipprsnak

Hey VV –

Can you tell me what you did on the Woo side of things to get this to work? I’ve been hacking around myself and haven’t gotten very far. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions would be HUGELY appreciated! How are you getting the EOT to S2 in the first place?


Posted: Monday Mar 25th, 2013 at 11:07 pm #45694

Great to hear from someone! How are you? I have actually not corrected the original problem above as stated. I tried every thing like I said about 2 months ago and havn’t tried anything else yet…partly because i was hoping for help on here and partly because i’ve just been focusing on other problems associated with the woocommerce 2.0 updates. I have been needing to come back and address the problem. Because I only have installed this plugin to restrict access to “Gold Member” content. And the problem remains that when demoted to “free subscriber,” the free subscribers have access to gold member content and so obvisiously for that reason and the pure organization factor i need to find a way to acomplish demoting users back to customer. I do believe i even added a plugin or somewhere i was able to attempt to create a setting where i set the default user roles….but even that was unsuccessful. I know if i can remember or if i mentioned it above, i was able to do something that was changing (demoting) to “none.” I always thought if i went back to where i was accomplishing that and figure out the magic word to get it to go from none to customer then I would solve the problem. Any whoo i am still looking for a solution to this issue….just havn’t found it yet. But please keep in contact with me… Im all ears, my website is and all my contact info is there also! Take care. Oh…and EOT settings should be under each user. go to the user and edit i believe and then you should be able to adjust the EOT time and level. I do all mine manually upon purchase of a separate product i created. I have nothing linked to s2 for purchase and settings. I only use it as a method of control once someone purchases a gold membership for a year. then they will have access to the gold member content for that year. Ohhh and i almost forgot….i do believe you may have to set up a chron job in your cpanel …server run at least once a day a php script that forces the demotion…had to do it on mine if i remember right. So much information hard to remember specifics for two months ago. but i’m here to help..get a hold of me if you need to.

Posted: Tuesday Mar 26th, 2013 at 6:18 pm #45815
Username: kipprsnak

Are you using WooCommerce to set the user role? I am doing that right now. These two articles show a couple of hacks you can add to Woo that will set the default user role to S2 Member Level 1 or, you can set by product.

What I am trying to do now is just to get how to pass the subscription information (from their subscriptions plugin) to talk to S2Member. That is, pass S2Member the subscription information. I’m not clear on how to use the IPN Proxy to get both woo and s2Member to access and hold (woo for reporting) the EOT etc.

Posted: Wednesday Mar 27th, 2013 at 6:14 am #45853

I finally gave up trying to switch upon eot to the woocommerce “customer” user role. I just renamed the level 0/free subscriber to “expired gold member” and using user role editor set all the capabilities the same as woocommerce “customer”. So now at least it revert back to the same function as a woocommerce customer and organizes them so i know who has expired for future marketing.
I have looked at the links you provided but if i understand you correctly you should be able to:
– create a woocommerce product that when purchased automatically changes that user’s role to a specific s2 member role and also automatically set the EOT???

**If you can figure out how to do that please help me step by step as i would love to be able to do that but looking at the info presented already i have no clue as to where or what file to begin at. If you detailed/ step by step instructions that would be awesome.

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