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Posted: Monday Sep 2nd, 2013 at 1:38 pm #58985
Username: Manni01

Hi there,

I have followed the instructions to integrate s2member with Aweber, using the custom parser, and it works fine except that what it seems to be doing with free registration is:

– Collect registration info, display “check your inbox” message on registration screen
– Send WP email with login/password (so even if users don’t confirm with Aweber, they are free members)
– Aweber sends their confirmation email (with clickable link)
– When user confirms, go to custom success page

What I would like it to do:
– Collect registration info, go to a custom page to inform the user of what’s going to happen and the NECESSITY to confirm their email address (this is the way most closed websites behave, until you confirm a valid email address you can’t get in).
– Aweber sends their confirmation email (with clickable link)
– Only if the user confirms (hence only if email is valid), send registration info and go to custom success page

This is the only way to make sure that users do not provide a fake email address to register (and access free content) without ever confirming the list in Aweber. So you end up with a WP user database full of fake users, and a half empty aweber list. If the user was only added to the WP user database after the confirmation (or if the user was deleted failing such confirmation), it would help to make sure the WP user database and the Aweber list are very similar, if not identical.

Is there a way to achieve this with the existing settings?

Otherwise, please could you consider implementing this?

I guess a way to achieve that would be to offer an option to send the WP confirmation email or not, and to send the password to aweber in the parsed email (so that Aweber can send the password to the user in the confirmation email), but that might not be possible due to the password encryption? We would also need a place to specify the address of a registration-confirmation page, to be able to give a bit more details than at present.

It would be even better if it was possible to let the user specify a human-friendly password without granting access until the aweber confirmation is given, but that’s probably too much deviation from the wordpress registration process.

Any help in achieving any or all of this would be much appreciated.

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Posted: Tuesday Sep 3rd, 2013 at 7:22 am #59009
Username: Manni01

Just realised that a new user cannot log in and access free content if they haven’t received the register email because their email is fake, so at least that’s not possible. However, there is no guarantee that their email will be added to the Aweber list if it’s valid, and you can still have fake users with fake emails in the WP database, even if they can’t login so can’t access the free content.

I also realised that when a user is added to the aweber list first using an aweber form on the website, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get s2member to add the user in the WP database automatically (for example, when the user is sent by Aweber to the confirmation page after the user clicks on the confirmation link in Aweber’s email).

So I’ll rephrase my questions this way:

1) Is it possible to get s2member to only create the new WP user (and send the registration info) once the user has confirmed their email with Aweber?
2) Is it possible to display a special page after the user has registered and before they confirm with Aweber, to explain the process?
3) Is it possible to get s2member to add a user to WP database after a user has registered using an Aweber form and not the standard registration page, if that is a way around 1)?

Many thanks!

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