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IPN Integration help! Integrating with Zaxaa.

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Posted: Tuesday Aug 13th, 2013 at 6:00 am #55652

Hi guys, need another help here.

I currently am considering moving over from JVZoo to Zaxaa. Zaxaa is rather new but it has lots features that I want which JVZoo and other affiliate network leaders don’t support (DigiResults, ClickBank, etc).

I want to integrate Zaxaa with S2Member Pro and I am not a coder or programmer, but I believe with the right amount of dedication and focus, I can tackle this without needing to learn full programming language or hire a programmer to do it. Please help me do so, I will provide as much information as I can.

Lets start with Previous affiliate network where I integrated with my membership plugin (S2Member Pro), which is JVZoo. JVZoo integrates very well with us, users of this membership program. Here’s what JVZoo product listing form request from S2Member Pro (screenshot): — JVZoo product listing form —

It says I need url generated by S2Member Pro’s Paypal IPN proxy key integration: — Paypal IPN proxy key —

Where the code that was written in JVZoo product listing form is something like this : —

In that code, there’s a “proxy=[proxy-gateway]” which is changed into “proxy=jvzoo” when I paste the code into JVZoo product listing form. S2Member Pro tells us to always change the [proxy-gateway] into a string name of our affiliate network, which is jvzoo. Now I assume this is mandatory for Zaxaa as well, so I changed the code into: —

After that, refer back to — JVZoo product listing form — screenshot where we also need to input custom field. This is a custom coding in S2Member Pro, where they say (according to — Paypal IPN proxy key — screenshot) “Any 3rd-party application that is sending IPN transactions to your s2Member installation, must ALWAYS include the custom POST variable, and that variable must always start with your installation domain (i.e.” So in JVZoo product listing form, I must put in “” because that’s what the instruction asked me to follow according to how S2Member Pro — custom field in Paypal button generator — screenshot.

Then, the “S2Member User Level” form inside JVZoo product listing page is filled with “1:blogregate_member_access” (— JVZoo product listing form — screenshot). This lets IPN tell S2Member Pro plugin that the purchase made is customized to a certain capabilities inside S2Member Pro, branded as “blogregate_member_access”. Whereas if a customer purchased product linked with capabilities “blogregate_member_access”, they will be able to access anything inside my S2Member Pro that is locked by “blogregate_member_access” capabilities (such as posts or pages linked to “blogregate_member_access”). The “1” indicates the level of subscription for whoever purchased it and where this “blogregate_member_access” capabilities is being housed in S2Member Pro.

So in conclusion, JVZoo integrates all the information provided above that were taken from inside my S2Member Pro plugin (IPN w/ Proxy Key, “Custom” field, and S2Member User Level) and they “do the work of consolidating them”.

Now, the idea is to utilize all that info to put into Zaxaa’s third party script integration (— Zaxaa’s third party script integration — screenshot). Now from all the available information above, which part should I use? or which part do you guys consider close enough to what I need to perfectly integrate S2Member Pro with Zaxaa’s third party script integration? Which one should I use for ZPN url? Must Payment Data Transfers be enabled?

Right now I inputted the IPN w/ Proxy Key in Zaxaa’s third party script integration with : —

And it returned to me as “Test ZPN success!” But I don’t believe that it stops right there. There must be an advanced data integration just like how JVZoo does it (which JVZoo didn’t tell us about).

There’s also an important note on Zaxaa’s side: “Please make sure that you have requested Zaxaa API Signature before you can use “Third Party Script Integration”. You can request it in your Account Settings. You only need to do it once.” I wonder must I use it somewhere within S2Member Pro or integrate the API signature with the IPN or PDT??

Here’s Zaxaa’s knowledge-base for Zaxaa’s Payment Notification (ZPN).
Here’s Zaxaa’s knowledge-base for PDT guide.

Allow me to apologize for asking such a big favor from you guys, while Zaxaa’s third party integration is not within the scope of S2Member Pro product. I am writing this similar support request to Zaxaa’s support as well, hoping that the information can synchronize between S2Member Pro and Zaxaa.

If all this go well, I am writing a full-fledged review, tutorials, how-to, etc, possibly dedicating a whole new blog or WF threads on all this so that other people can pick up the pieces where I scattered all the puzzles and fit them back in, following my footsteps.

And I would like to thank whoever assigned to this support thread, in advance for reading this and will be taking the time to reply to it. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you in advance! Cheers…

Yours sincerely,
Samuel Edyson
DiditzZz on Warrior Forum

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Posted: Thursday Aug 15th, 2013 at 9:52 pm #55957
Username: Bruce
Staff Member

Thank you for your inquiry.

I’m sorry for the delay in response.

I’m afraid I can’t go too into detail here, according to our Support Policy. I would say that you have some major things worked out already. You know how the PayPal IPN w/ Proxy Key works at a basic level and have the URL for that integration. Zaxaa seems to provide the basics for acquiring their equivalent of the PayPal IPN Variables. What you need to do is use the test script they provided you in PHP, and use it to receive the variables from Zaxaa, then reformat these variables and send them to s2Member formatted the correct way.

s2Member expects the variables that PayPal passes as detailed in the PayPal IPN documentation, and a custom variable equal to your domain name.

You will need to connect to the URL you had above, in your topic and POST the reformatted variables to s2Member with the PayPal Proxy Key.

Posted: Thursday Aug 15th, 2013 at 9:53 pm #55958
Username: Bruce
Staff Member
Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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