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not sure how to handle unique requirement

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Posted: Sunday Feb 24th, 2013 at 6:36 pm #43132
dianne cutter
Username: dmc

I have watched the custom fields video and another one related to custom fields within the levels, but although they make sense, I am still confused on what exactly to do. Not sure how you set up a client (who pays for the company) then have individual enrollment for the users within the company is the main question, and the second question related to granting limited access to single files that would typically be part of the paid package. the visitors (group 1), and simple level 0 clients (group 2) who have limited access to a few extra pages, are easy to handle (I assume, haven’t handled them yet….)

The next 2 groups are the ones I need help with:
Group 3: these are non-paid potential clients that will access the general pages (group 1 from above), access to limited access pages (group 2), and I will provide access to a single training in the paid access group for the client to try (with our product a company pays for a year membership to unlimited access to the all the online training courses). The client would have access to the one training, plus I would like to have each user also “enroll” to see who is using the site, and how often they log in.
Group 4: this is the paid clients. The fee they pay is based on the number of users they have signed up with (e.g. number of employees groups into 5 different pricing groups e.g. 1-50, 51-150, etc). The client company will sign up and either pay online, or pay offline and will then be enrolled through me for access. So… with this level, the client company enrolls (or is enrolled), as with group 3, i then want each user to enroll so I know when the client has used the # they paid for and track what they are viewing, etc.

so long story long, in group three, how do I provide access to the general, limited (I think this will be capable through the open and 0 level rules) but then to the single sessions (and each company could end up with access to a different movie, not necessarily everyone access to the same single movie),
and how do I link users to the client in group 3 and 4.

Hope this makes some sense..

I tried watching the movies for the custom and I think this is the answer, but I’m still confused…

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Posted: Wednesday Feb 27th, 2013 at 8:15 pm #43359
Username: Bruce
Staff Member

Thank-you for your inquiry. We’re very sorry for the wait.

I’m reviewing this thread now.

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