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Posted: Thursday Apr 11th, 2013 at 6:26 pm #47232
David Roberts
Username: inbama

We are just beginning a blog farm where we are offering free design for many of our clients. One client needed a shopping cart and store, so I installed Wootique (from Woothemes). Woo seems so heavy, that we had decided to stay away from them, but the client is a close friend and I wanted to ‘show-off’ a little. After activating the theme and commerce plugin, I noticed my test user was able to go into all the blog farm, with admin privileges. I’m not sure what over-road the capabilities s2member set, but I had thought the new site was functioning properly until all my users ended up with admin privileges. After thinking a moment, I went to reset user roles, in the integration (for BBpress). There I clicked ‘reset user roles’ and viola, presto. It restored user roles. s2member totally rocks and I just wanted to share what happened in case it helps someone. Thank you s2member.

I guess I also have a question: For now, the reset button seemed to do the trick, but I am wandering if this is a permanent fix or something I should keep an eye on? Plus, if I’ve opened a can of worms that may cause future conflicts, I can build my client something else, since I haven’t assigned their user id to it yet.

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Posted: Friday Apr 12th, 2013 at 7:22 am #47292

Thanks for the kudos! :)

Well, bbPress does some weird dynamic things with roles/capabilities since a recent update, and we’ve had to deal with it, partly adding that reset button.

It’s possible that Woo or something else in your installation is not ready for the new stuff bbPress is doing with roles/capabilities. It’d be good to do some testing to find which one and notify them so they’re aware fo the problem.

I’m not sure if future updates of the plugins will need the reset once more, so remember to check for the problem again after each plugin udpate, just to be on the safe side. Or find a plugin combination that doesn’t show that problem.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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