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Posted: Friday Sep 21st, 2012 at 5:12 pm #26083
Chris O’Connor
Username: coc


I’m currently using the free version of S2Member and am considering upgrading to the paid version, but there is one major problem that is putting me off.

I want to be able to have open registration so that anyone can register and become a level 0 member. At that level I have defined that they can only get access to the first 5 videos in the course I am offering. If they want to see the rest they have to upgrade to level 1. There is also an upsell to level 2, which gives access to an additional 10 videos. Upgrading to level 1 or 2 is done through Paypal Standard.

My problem is that at the free level I want to give people 14 days to check out the videos and make a decision to upgrade or not. At the end of the 14 days I want S2Member to drop these people (they can be deleted). However, there seems to be no way to automatically do this. All the EOT stuff seems to be controlled either by Paypal or by over-riding the Paypal stuff by setting it in the profile for a member.

As my free members aren’t going through Paypal the automated EOT won’t work. I really don’t want to be going into each members profile after they sign up and setting the EOT for each one manually. That’s just not practical. And besides, even if I was able to do that I am under the impression that if the free member subsequently signed up (paid), then despite that, the EOT set in their profile would still ‘end’ them.

It seems very basic and straightforward what I am trying to do (14 days free to a limited range of videos, then cancelled at the end of 14 days, unless they pay for full membership), but I can see no way of doing this with S2Member.

Can it do it? Have I missed something obvious?



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Posted: Saturday Sep 22nd, 2012 at 6:30 am #26098

Hi Chris.

Yeah, you can do that with s2Member.

For new registrations, you can use the free registration pro-form, which lets you set a higher level than 0 for the new user, as well as an EOT time, so the EOT behavior is executed (e.g. demotion).
[hilite path]Dashboard -› s2Member® -› PayPal® Pro Forms -› Free Registration Forms[/hilite]
[hilite path]Dashboard -› s2Member® -› PayPal® Options -› Automatic EOT Behavior[/hilite]

About existing users you may want to give the trial to, you can use the Export tool to get a CSV of your members, and raise their level, as well as give an EOT time, and then import the CSV file back to update their accounts.
[hilite path]Dashboard -› s2Member® -› Import/Export -› User/Member Exportation[/hilite]
[hilite path]Dashboard -› s2Member® -› Import/Export -› User/Member Importation[/hilite]

I hope that helps. :)

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