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Pre-Sale FAQs

Pre-sale FAQs only. For troubleshooting & technical assistance, please check our Videos, Forums and Knowledge Base.

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Questions/Answers Is the free version of s2Member® still supported?

Yes. The free version of s2Member® (i.e. the s2Member® Framework), is the foundation on which s2Member® Pro is developed. Continued development of both the free s2Member® Framework and s2Member® Pro marches on!

Questions/Answers Is there documentation available for s2Member® products?

Yes. The official documentation is built right into each product's configuration panels (i.e. within your WordPress® Dashboard, after you install the product). Additional documentation, videos and discussion can be found on our website at If there is something you can't find an answer to, please contact our Sales Dept.

Questions/Answers Is there a larger list of common problems/solutions?

Yes. Please check the s2Member® Knowledge Base, our Video Tutorial Library and Forums. You can also use the s2Member® Search Engine to find anything that is not readily available. If there is something you can't find an answer to, please contact our Sales Dept.

Questions/Answers What is the scope of s2Member's support services?

Support for Products by s2Member® is available through your account at, which grants you access to a customer-only Support System where you can ask us technical questions. Our customer support representatives are available Monday through Friday; excluding all major holidays. Or, you can discuss problems/solutions with others in our public Community Forum available to all site owners.

s2Member® offers its Products "as is", with no implied warranty or guarantee that they will function exactly as you wish, or with all 3rd-party components and plugins. Further, we offer no support via email, or otherwise, for installation, customization or administration of WordPress® itself, or of other WordPress® themes/plugins. We only cover support for our own Products, and we can't give general WordPress® support; or offer advice about things which are not specifically related to our Products.

See also: s2Member's Support Policy for additional details and specifics.

Questions/Answers Where can I download older versions of s2Member® products?

Archived copies of the s2Member® Framework are available in the plugins repository at We also maintain our own release archive for the s2Member® Framework, and a release archive for s2Member® Pro.

Questions/Answers If I purchase s2Member® Pro, will I still have access to the source code?

Yes. In order to maximize compatibility, and your flexibility to tinker with Hooks/Plugins, the s2Member® Pro Module is now released with its full source code. This was not the case in previous versions of s2Member® Pro. However, starting with s2Member® Pro v1.2 (and moving forward), your purchase of s2Member® Pro includes the full source code, free upgrades via s2Member®.com (i.e. new features, bug fixes, updates, improvements); along with full access to our Video Tutorial Library.

Questions/Answers Can I import Users/Members from software I was using previously?

Yes, this requires s2Member® Pro. s2Member® Pro comes with a very powerful set of import/export tools, which allow you to import usernames, passwords, email addresses, and more. Supporting "ID","Username","Password","First Name","Last Name","Display Name","Email","Website","Level[0-9]+ or Role ID","Custom Capabilities","Registration Date ( mm/dd/yyyy )","First Payment Date ( mm/dd/yyyy )","Last Payment Date ( mm/dd/yyyy )","Auto-EOT Date ( mm/dd/yyyy )","Custom Value ( starts w/domain )","Paid Subscr. ID","Paid Subscr. Gateway","Custom Field ID #1","Custom Field Value #1","Custom Field ID #2","Custom Field Value #2", ...

Questions/Answers How many Membership Levels are supported?

The free s2Member® Framework supports Free Subscribers (at Level #0), and up to four primary Membership Levels 1-4. With s2Member® Pro you can have an unlimited number of Membership Levels. You can label your Membership Levels anything you like. The defaults are Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Both s2Member® and s2Member® Pro also support an unlimited number of Custom Capability Packages. Custom Capabilities are an easy way to extend s2Member® in creative ways. Custom Capabilities allow you to create an unlimited number of Membership Packages, all with different Capabilities and prices.

Questions/Answers How can I extend s2Member® beyond four Levels?

With s2Member® Pro installed, you may configure an unlimited number of Membership Levels. You can set the number of Membership Levels by adding this line to your /wp-config.php file: define("MEMBERSHIP_LEVELS", 4);. Feel free to change the default value of 4 to whatever you need. The minimum allowed value is 1. The recommended maximum is 100. Both s2Member® and s2Member® Pro also support an unlimited number of Custom Capability Packages. Custom Capabilities are an easy way to extend s2Member® in creative ways. Custom Capabilities allow you to create an unlimited number of Membership Packages, all with different Capabilities and prices.

Questions/Answers What payment gateways does s2Member® support?

The free s2Member® Framework supports only PayPal® Standard Button integration. s2Member® Pro adds PayPal® Pro integration (highly recommended), PayPal® Pro Form Generators, and additional support for Recurring Billing via PayPal® Pro.

s2Member® Pro also adds support for several other payment gateways, including Stripe™, Authorize.Net®, ccBill®, ClickBank®, Google® Wallet, and AliPay®. See the below for a complete description of the specific payment gateway integrations included with s2Member® Pro.

Stripe™ (Buy Now and Recurring Billing)

  • Stripe™ Payments (Buy Now)
  • Stripe™ Subscriptions (Fixed and/or Recurring)
  • Stripe™ Webhook (aka: IPN) Integration

PayPal® (Buy Now and Recurring Billing)

  • PayPal® Payments Standard
  • PayPal® Payments Pro
  • PayPal® Payment Pro (Payflow Edition)
  • PayPal® Express Checkout
  • PayPal® Express Checkout (Payflow Edition)
  • PayPal® PDT (Payment Data Transfer)
  • PayPal® IPN (Instant Payment Notification)
  • BillMeLater®

Authorize.Net® (Buy Now and Recurring Billing)

  • Authorize.Net® AIM (Advanced Integration Method)
  • Authorize.Net® ARB (Automated Recurring Billing)
  • Authorize.Net® Silent Post URLs (aka: Instant Payment Notification)
  • Authorize.Net® ARB Polling (Tracks status of Recuring Billing Subscriptions)

ccBill® (Buy Now and Recurring Billing)

  • ccBill® Dynamic Pricing Forms
  • ccBill® Approval/Denial URLs (aka: Payment Data Transfer)
  • ccBill® Background Post Integrations (aka: Instant Payment Notifications)
  • ccBill® DataLink Services Suite (polls status of Recurring Billing profiles at ccBill).

ClickBank® (Buy Now and Recurring Billing)

  • ClickBank® IPN (aka: Instant Payment Notification)
  • ClickBank® API (aka: Payment Data Transfer)
  • ClickBank® PitchPlus Upsell Flows (Simple & Advanced)

Google® Wallet (Buy Now and Recurring Billing)

  • Google® Postback URLs (aka: Instant Payment Notification)
  • Google® Return URLs (aka: Custom Messages after Checkout)

AliPay® (Buy Now transactions only)

  • AliPay® Payment Data Transfer
Questions/Answers Can I add support for other payment gateways?

The list of payment gateways supported by s2Member® Pro include: Stripe™, PayPal®, PayPal® Pro, Authorize.Net®, ClickBank®, and Google® Wallet. We do not provide support for any other payment gateways at this time. Nor we will implement support for any additional payment gateways upon request. Any future support for additional payment gateways will come in a future release of an s2Member® product. The selection of and integration methods used for any new payment gateway integrations will be established at our sole discretion.

That being said, it is possible to hire a developer who is already familiar with s2Member®, and ask them to integrate your preferred payment gateway with s2Member®, using documentation that is available in the s2Member® Codex (i.e. through Hooks/Filters for WordPress®). See also this article in our Knowledge Base. Please note however, s2Member® will not provide support or assistance with any custom coding related to your request for additional payment gateways.

Please read our Support Policy for clarification.

Questions/Answers What is the #1 BENEFIT to using s2Member's Pro Form integrations?

Increased conversion rates! Not all customers prefer to use PayPal®. With s2Member® Pro you're keeping customers on your site throughout the entire checkout process. You can control the surrounding elements on the page, the flow of events, and do a better job at building confidence in your products/services. We've seen conversions rates increase by as much as double!

With Stripe™, PayPal® Pro and/or Authorize.Net® Pro Forms, you can support on-site credit card processing for Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®. If you decide to go with PayPal® Pro, you can also accept Maestro®, Solo® (from UK customers) and PayPal® Express Checkout - for customers around the world that prefer to pay with PayPal®. Please see this video demo.

PayPal "Subscriptions" (i.e. PayPal's Standard Integration), requires customers to create a PayPal® account at checkout. With s2Member® Pro this is no longer a requirement. With PayPal® Pro integration, you can charge your customers on a recurring basis, if you wish; and without them even going through PayPal®. They can just use a credit/debit card on your site. The same is true with Stripe™ and Authorize.Net® integration.

Questions/Answers What type of PayPal® account do I need?

The free s2Member® Framework supports only PayPal® Standard Button integration. At a minimum, you will need a PayPal® Business account, which is free. If you intend to use s2Member® Pro Forms, you will need a PayPal® Business Account w/Pro Service.

The s2Member® Pro add-on makes it possible for s2Member® to use PayPal® Pro Forms (instead of Standard PayPal® Buttons). PayPal® Pro Forms integrate seamlessly with WordPress® Shortcodes. This allows you to keep customers on your site at all times, and it consolidates the checkout/registration steps on your site into a single s2Member® Pro Form that you can dress up just the way you like. If you would like to take advantage of PayPal® Pro integration, you will need a PayPal® Business Account w/Pro Service. PayPal® Pro accounts require a more formal application.

Once you have your PayPal® Pro account, you'll need access to your PayPal® Pro API Credentials. Log into your PayPal® Pro account, and navigate to Profile -> API Access (or Request API Credentials). You'll choose (Request API Signature). Once you have PayPal® Pro API Credentials, paste them into the fields provided by s2Member® in your WordPress® Dashboard, under: s2Member® -> PayPal® Options -> Account Details.

If you plan to use any of the (Subscription) options in the s2Member® Pro Form Generator for PayPal® Pro, you will ALSO need Recurring Billing enabled for your PayPal® Pro account. PayPal's Recurring Billing service for Pro accounts is required for all types of (Subscriptions), whether you intend for them to be recurring or not. However, it is NOT required for (Buy Now) functionality. The drop-down menus in the s2Member® Pro Form Generator, have been marked (Subscription) and (Buy Now), just for this reason. In your WordPress® Dashboard, see: s2Member® -> PayPal® Pro Forms. This way you can see which options will require the use of PayPal's Recurring Billing service. PayPal® will charge you a small monthly fee for their Recurring Billing service; which is an add-on for PayPal® Pro accounts. Please see this video demo.

Questions/Answers Can I upgrade my existing PayPal® account to Pro status?

Yes, just log into your existing PayPal® Business account, and follow the links to "Upgrade". Upgrading your account to PayPal® Pro status requires a formal application, along with a small monthly fee. See: PayPal® Business Account w/Pro Service

Questions/Answers To use s2Member® Pro Forms, will I have to use PayPal® Pro?

No. s2Member® is very flexible. Using s2Member® Pro, does NOT mean that you must use PayPal® Pro integration. Just don't generate any PayPal® Pro Form Shortcodes. Instead, you could use Standard PayPal® Buttons, Stripe™, ClickBank®, Authorize.Net®, or Google® Wallet if you prefer (you could even use them all together at the same time). If you want to process credit cards on-site though, you MUST have a PayPal® Pro account, a Stripe™ account, or an Authorize.Net® account (i.e. s2Member® Pro Forms also integrate with Stripe™ and Authorize.Net® for on-site credit card processing).

Although not ideal, it's also possible to integrate s2Member® Pro Forms with only PayPal® Express Checkout (no PayPal® Pro account required). If you are unable to obtain a PayPal® Pro, Stripe™, or Authorize.Net account, you can still use s2Member® Pro Forms with the free version of PayPal®, by following these instructions:

  1. Ask PayPal® to activate Express Checkout for you (which is free, and usually enabled by default). PayPal® Express Checkout will give you API Credentials, and you'll enter these into your WordPress® Dashboard, under: s2Member® -> PayPal Options.
  2. In your s2Member® Pro Form Shortcode for WordPress®, change these Shortcode Attributes:
    accept="paypal,visa,mastercard,amex,discover,maestro,solo" accept_via_paypal="paypal"

    to just: accept="paypal" accept_via_paypal="paypal"

    This way all customers are ultimately passed over to PayPal® Express Checkout to complete their purchase. You won't have the ability to process on-site credit cards if you only have PayPal® Express Checkout, but for some site owners that's not an issue. If you want to process credit cards on-site, you MUST have a PayPal® Pro account, a Stripe™ account, or an Authorize.Net® account (i.e. s2Member® Pro Forms also integrate with Stripe™ and Authorize.Net® for on-site credit card processing).
Questions/Answers Can I use s2Member's Pro Forms with Google® Wallet or ClickBank?

No. s2Member's Pro Forms should be used ONLY with Stripe™, Authorize.Net®, PayPal® Pro, or alternatively with PayPal® Express Checkout using the Express Checkout technique described above (i.e. using: accept="paypal" accept_via_paypal="paypal") in your s2Member® Pro Form Shortcode. Other Payment Gateway integrations can be used in conjunction with your s2Member® Pro Forms, but they don't require you to use s2Member® Pro Forms to integrate them. For example: ClickBank®, PayPal® Standard, and Google® Wallet - can all be integrated easily without needing an SSL certificate, and without using s2Member's Pro Form system. In other words, these are simpler Button integrations, which do not require Pro Forms. You can still offer them as options to your Customers though; either exclusively, or in addition to any Pro Forms you make available.

Questions/Answers Can I change the width of s2Member® Pro Forms easily?

Yes, just take your s2Member® Pro Form Shortcode, and wrap it inside a <div> tag. Pro Forms will automatically expand to 100% width of their parent element. So wrapping them inside a <div> tag is the easiest way.

<div style="width:750px;">
	[s2Member-Pro-PayPal-Form ... /]

or with Pro Forms for Stripe™

<div style="width:750px;">
	[s2Member-Pro-Stripe-Form ... /]

or with Pro Forms for Authorize.Net®

<div style="width:750px;">
	[s2Member-Pro-AuthNet-Form ... /]
Questions/Answers What is the minimum width needed for s2Member's Pro Forms?

Around 450 pixels wide. Technically, you could go smaller, but things start to get cramped around 400px or so. Just about any WordPress® theme will do fine; even with a sidebar.

Questions/Answers Do I need an SSL certificate to use Stripe™, PayPal® Pro or Authorize.Net®?

If you're using s2Member® Pro Forms, absolutely. Customers will not be inclined to purchase from you, if you only provide a non-SSL checkout experience. You need an SSL certificate from your hosting provider or domain registrar. In order to comply with Stripe™, PayPal®, Authorize.Net® and PCI Compliance policies, as set forth by major credit card companies; you will need to host all of your Pro Forms on an SSL enabled site. Please check with your hosting provider to ask about obtaining an SSL certificate for your domain. Please note... when you create Pro Forms using the Pro Form Generators provided by s2Member®; you'll be supplied with WordPress® Shortcodes, which you'll insert into Posts/Pages of your choosing. These special Posts/Pages will need to be displayed in SSL mode, using links that start with: https://. In other words, when you link to these Posts/Pages, you'll need to make sure your links start with https://.

You can skip the SSL certificate during development/Sandbox testing. SSL is not required until you officially go live. Once you're live, you can add the Custom Field s2member_force_ssl = yes to any Post/Page, using the Custom Fields box in your WordPress® editor. s2Member® will buffer output on those special Posts/Pages, converting everything over to https:// for you automatically, and forcing those specific Posts/Pages to be viewed over a secure SSL connection; so long as your server supports the https protocol (once you have an SSL certificate, your server should support this protocol). This will help you eliminate the dreaded "Secure/Insecure" errors in Internet Explorer®. If your server runs SSL over a special port number, or your server requires the port number to actually be in the URL (i.e. HOST:port), you can set s2member_force_ssl = 443; or to whatever port number you're using.

Questions/Answers Is WordPress® compatible with SSL enabled?

Yes, WordPress® is indeed compatible with SSL enabled (https://). However, not all themes/plugins are designed to behave properly with SSL enabled. For instance, some WordPress® themes/plugins embed links to images, scripts, and/or style sheets; all starting with http://, instead of https://, (or just //: — which is nice, because it's cross-protocol compatible). For this reason, you should be very careful when choosing a WordPress® theme/plugin to use with s2Member® Pro Forms. Otherwise, your visitors could see the famous "Secure/Insecure" warnings in Internet Explorer®. A good developer can fix this minor issue with ease, but novice site owners are advised to get help from a professional.

SSL Tip: with s2Member® installed, you can add the Custom Field s2member_force_ssl = yes to any Post/Page, using the Custom Fields section of your WordPress® Editor. s2Member® will buffer output on those special Posts/Pages, converting everything over to https:// for you automatically (in a very logical fashion), thereby forcing those specific Posts/Pages to be viewed over a secure SSL connection (including all embedded resources); so long as your server supports the https protocol (once you have an SSL certificate, your server should support this protocol). In this way, s2Member® can resolve about 95% of all theme/plugin incompatibilities related to SSL vs. non-SSL embedded resources. However, if you experience difficulties with this, you are advised to contact your theme developer, and ask if their theme was designed to support SSL-enabled Posts/Pages.

Questions/Answers Can I test PayPal® Pro Forms using a PayPal® Sandbox account?

Yes. If you'd like to run test transactions against an s2Member® Pro + PayPal® Pro configuration, get yourself a PayPal® Developer Account. You are required to create three separate accounts with PayPal® in order to test the PayPal® Pro checkout experience properly. (1) Is your Developer account itself, which is what gives you access to the PayPal® Sandbox system. (2) Create a new PayPal® Pro "Seller" account inside the Sandbox; with PayPal® Pro service enabled. This requires a special, yet "fake" application. Whenever you fill out the fake Pro-application, be sure to start your Social Security # with 111; then use whatever random numbers you prefer. For whatever reason, PayPal® will not accept the application without your Social Security # starting with 111 (so this is important). (3) You'll create a "Buyer" account in the Sandbox as well, so you can purchase from yourself as a would-be Customer.

Now, you'll need to configure s2Member® with your Sandbox API Credentials, and supply a Sandbox email address that is tied to a PayPal® Pro Sandbox account (i.e. your test "Seller" account). Once you have all of that, you can add a fake credit card to any Personal Sandbox account (i.e. your test "Buyer" account). Log out of your WordPress® Dashboard before testing (make sure you're logged out). You can use your fake card number & expiration date to run test transactions as a would-be Customer. Address information and other specifics just need to pass basic validation, otherwise they are unimportant.

Questions/Answers Can I test Authorize.Net® Pro Forms using a Developer Test Account?

Yes. If you'd like to run test transactions against an s2Member® Pro + Authorize.Net® configuration, get yourself a Developer Test Account. You'll need to configure s2Member® with your Developer API Login ID, Transaction Key, and Secret MD5 Hash. Also, don't forget to place your installation of s2Member® into Authorize.Net® Development/Sandbox Mode. In your Dashboard, see: s2Member® -> Authorize.Net® Options -> Account Details.

Questions/Answers If I have s2Member® Pro installed, can I still use PayPal® Buttons?

It is up to you, but yes. You can even use both Pro and Standard integration together at the same time. If you have some products that you prefer to sell exclusively through PayPal®, you can use PayPal® Buttons (i.e. Standard integration), while still using PayPal® Pro Forms (via PayPal® Pro integration) in other areas. The same is true for Stripe™, Authorize.Net®, ClickBank®, and Google® Wallet integrations. All of s2Member's Payment Gateway integrations can operate together in harmony. In your Dashboard, you can enable/disable the ones you intend to use.

Questions/Answers Any conflicts between the free version and s2Member® Pro?

Nope. If it works in the free version, it just works better in the Pro version! The s2Member® Pro add-on requires the s2Member® Framework (i.e. the free version) to be installed first. s2Member® Pro adds full support for Stripe™, PayPal® Pro integration, Authorize.Net®, ClickBank®, and Google® Wallet. These integrations have been specifically designed for compatibility with all s2Member® Framework features. In other words, everything that works in the free version, will ALSO work with s2Member® Pro. Including, but not limited to: Membership Levels, Custom Capabilities, Content Restrictions, List Server integrations, API Notifications, Tracking Codes, Shortcodes, API Conditionals, API Functions, API Constants, General Options, Content Dripping, etc, etc.

There is one minor issue worth mentioning. With PayPal® Pro integration, you absolutely MUST configure a default IPN URL inside your PayPal® account. Please see: s2Member® -> PayPal® Options -> IPN Integration for full details — along with workarounds for any cross-domain issues you might run into. The free version of s2Member® (with PayPal® Standard Buttons) does NOT require this, but with PayPal® Pro you MUST have an IPN URL configured inside your PayPal® Pro account. s2Member® cannot override the default IPN URL on a per-transaction basis with the PayPal® Pro API.

If you're using a single PayPal® Pro account for multiple cross-domain installations, and you need to receive IPN notifications for each of your domains; you'll want to create a central IPN processing script that scans variables in each IPN response, forking itself out to each of your individual domains. In rare cases when this is necessary, you'll find two variables in all IPN responses for s2Member®. The originating domain name (i.e. will always be included somewhere within, either: custom and/or rp_invoice_id; depending on the type of transaction. These variables can be used to test incoming IPNs, and fork to the proper installation. We've already built an example PHP script to faciliate this for you, when/if it's needed. You can download the file. You'll find paypal-central-ipn-sample.php inside the zip distribution. Instructions are provided in that file, on how to properly configure the script and where to upload it on your web server.

Questions/Answers Will I need to hire a web developer to install s2Member® Pro for me?

It depends. s2Member® Pro is fairly straight forward, and documentation is built right into the software. If you can get a PayPal® Pro Account, & find your API Credentials after logging into PayPal® Pro ... you can probably do it yourself. That being said, if you have plans to do something VERY creative, or need customizations that are not possible without having some knowledge of WordPress®, PHP, HTML... then yes, you will want to find yourself a freelancer. We recommend

Questions/Answers s2Member® does this, but I want it to do that. Is that possible?

We get this type of question a lot. The answer is most definitely yes. The entire s2Member® Framework is extremely versatile. For instance, s2Member® Pro is built on top of the free s2Member® Framework; on top of the worlds' most powerful publishing platform (WordPress®). So flexibility is here! That being said, you WILL need be familiar with PHP, and WordPress® Hooks/Filters in order to integrate your own customizations. We suggest hiring a freelancer familiar with WordPress®. We recommend If you ARE a developer, please read this article in the s2Member® Codex regarding 1000+ Hooks/Filters available for s2Member®.

Questions/Answers s2Member's Pro Forms are acting funny on my site, any ideas?

Check your WordPress® theme. Make sure it is NOT introducing any JavaScript errors on the Post/Page that houses your s2Member® Pro Form. s2Member's Pro Forms require some mild interaction with JavaScript routines; which are self-installed by s2Member® Pro. If your theme (or another plugin) introduces JavaScript errors/warnings, those can (and will) prevent s2Member's routines from succeeding (i.e. many JavaScript errors have a far reaching impact). Errors like this are easy to spot in Firefox® (in Firefox®, see: Tools (or Web Developer) -> Error Console).

Questions/Answers Is there a way to call upon the Pro Login Widget directly?

Yes, you can use this PHP tag if you'd like. <?php echo s2member_pro_login_widget(); ?>. For further details, please check your WordPress® Dashboard under: s2Member® -> API Scripting -> Pro Login Widget via PHP. There are several options that can be configured dynamically through the PHP tag. It's not required, but you can get pretty creative if you check out the full documentation.

Questions/Answers Does s2Member® Pro support PayPal's Advanced Fraud Management Filters?

No, not at this time. The basic Fraud Management Filters that come free with all PayPal® Pro accounts IS supported, but PayPal's Advanced Fraud Management Filters are not supported at this time. Advanced Fraud Management is usually requested by companies that are shipping expensive physical products, where the overall risk is much higher. That being said, support for Advanced Fraud Management will come in a future update for s2Member® Pro. It's just not a high priority at the moment.

Questions/Answers Does s2Member® Pro support Authorize.Net's Fraud Detection Suite?

Yes. s2Member's integration with Authorize.Net® allows you to configure your Authorize.Net® account in just about any way you like. If you'd like to configure your Fraud Detection Suite (i.e. AVS rules, Velocity, etc); please feel free to do so. Just be sure to follow the basic instructions that s2Member® provides you with first. You will find the basic setup instructions in your WordPress® Dashboard under: s2Member® -> Authorize.Net® Options -> Account Details. There are certain aspects of your Authorize.Net® account that MUST be configured exactly as s2Member® instructs. For example, you must configure a Silent Post URL (provided by s2Member®), and your Transaction Version must be set to the one s2Member® specifies.

Questions/Answers Is any financial information stored in WordPress® database tables?

No. All financial details, including, but not limited to: credit card numbers, expiration dates, billing addresses; are ALL stored securely, inside your Stripe™, PayPal®, Authorize.Net®, ClickBank®, and/or Google® Wallet accounts; and NOT within WordPress®. s2Member® only uses approved API connections, provided by your Payment Gateway. s2Member® does NOT store any financial information, it only stores a Paid Subscr. ID (aka: Transaction ID or Recurring Profile ID) inside your WordPress® database. In the case of Stripe™ we also store a Stripe™ Customer ID. This is an easy way for s2Member® to reference information obtained through future API calls related to a particular Customer's account. This also makes PCI Compliance and privacy concerns much easier for you to deal with. Again, s2Member® stores all financial information securely within your Payment Gateway account, and NOT locally within WordPress®.

Questions/Answers Am I required to keep the PayPal® logo visible on my PayPal® Pro Forms?

If you're using PayPal® Pro integration, then yes. Please read PayPal's Terms, under section #8. Required Use Of Express Checkout.

Questions/Answers Where can I find a list of all PayPal® Pro fees?

Please read the PayPal® Website Payments Pro Agreement. See: Fees.

Questions/Answers Can I create new Membership accounts manually with s2Member?

Yes. In addition, with Stripe™, PayPal® Pro, and Authorize.Net®; you're supplied with a Virtual Terminal online; so you can also accept transactions by mail, or by phone. After you've accepted a transaction (or not, does not matter), just log into your WordPress® Dashboard, and go to WordPress® -> Users -> Add New. Fill in the Customer's basic details, and send the Customer their Username/Password via email. After creating the Customer's account manually, you'll want to set the Customer's Paid® Subscr. ID. This way s2Member® can take over with programmatic management going forward into the future. You can even set a manual EOT Time (EOT = End Of Term) if you like, which is optional.

In your Dashboard, navigate to WordPress® -> Users, and click "Edit" next to the Customer you wish to edit. The value of Paid® Subscr. ID, can be a PayPal® Standard "Subscription ID", or a PayPal® Pro "Recurring Profile ID", or a PayPal® "Transaction ID"; depending on the type of sale. Your PayPal® Virtual Terminal will supply this information. If you're using Google® Wallet, please use the Google Order Number. ClickBank® provides a Receipt #, and Authorize.Net® provides a Subscription ID. Stripe™ provides a Subscription ID, a Charge ID and even an Invoice ID. The general rule is... IF there's a Subscription ID, use that! If there's NOT, use the Transaction or Charge ID.

Questions/Answers Does s2Member® make any HTTP connections back to s2Member®.com?

No. The only remote connections made by s2Member® are those required to use the software. For instance: Stripe™ (if configured), PayPal® (if configured), ClickBank® (if configured), Google® Wallet (if configured), Authorize.Net® (if configured), MailChimp® (if configured), AWeber® (if configured) ... etc.

Questions/Answers How can I allow Free Registration?

s2Member® Pro comes with Pro Form Generators for Stripe™, PayPal® Pro and Authorize.Net® integrations. You can generate a Pro Form for Free Registration. This allows you to bypass the default registration system used by the free version of s2Member® and WordPress®. This particular Pro Form (i.e. an s2Member® Pro: Free Registration Form) does NOT require you to have a Stripe™, PayPal® or Authorize.Net® account. You can use it anywhere you like.

Another nice thing about this Free Registration Form, is that you can insert it with a Shortcode into any Post/Page, and you can do this without enabling Open Registration on a site-wide basis. For site owners that want to open the door for Free Registration based on certain criteria, you could integrate s2Member's Free Registration Form into a Post/Page, and then wrap your Shortcode with PHP Conditional tags. With this advanced technique, you could authenticate visitors (i.e. free registrants) in very custom ways.

Questions/Answers Is it possible to modify s2Member® Pro Form templates?

If you'd like to create custom Pro Form Templates, please check your /s2member-pro/includes/templates/forms/ directory. You can take s2Member's default Pro Form templates, and place some (or all of them) into your own WordPress® theme directory. Please be sure these files exist in your active WordPress® theme directory, and please do NOT change the file names (s2Member® has already established file names for each of its Pro Forms). If done properly, s2Member® Pro will automatically find your custom templates in your active WordPress® theme directory, and they'll be used instead of s2Member's default templates; allowing you to customize them all you like. By placing custom templates into your active WordPress® theme directory, you can be sure they won't get overwritten in a future upgrade of s2Member®.

So for example, creating your own custom Pro Form template file for PayPal® Pro checkout...
Copy this file: /wp-content/plugins/s2member-pro/includes/templates/forms/paypal-checkout-form.php
Paste it here: /wp-content/themes/ACTIVE-THEME-DIRECTORY/paypal-checkout-form.php (and modify this file all you like)
(note: Instead of ACTIVE-THEME-DIRECTORY paste into the theme directory you're currently using on your WP installation; i.e. twentytwelve perhaps)

s2Member® Pro also makes it possible for you to select specific custom templates from your active WordPress® theme directory, if you like (optional). When you create an s2Member® Pro Form, you'll be using an s2Member® Shortcode, where you might have something like [s2Member-Pro-PayPal-Form ... /]. Now, you could add the template="" Shortcode Attribute, to call upon a specific custom template file that exists in your active WordPress® theme directory. Ex: [s2Member-Pro-PayPal-Form ... template="checkout-form.php" /]. NOTE: If you call upon custom template files this way (i.e. with the template="" Shortcode Attribute), you CAN name your custom template files anything you like.

For additional details on this, please check your Dashboard under: s2Member® -› PayPal® Pro Forms -› Shortcode Attributes (Explained), where the template="" Shortcode Attribute has been documented, along with all the other Shortcode Attributes s2Member® makes avaialable for you.

Questions/Answers How can I prevent s2Member® Pro from loading it's default CSS?

You can create this directory and file: /wp-content/mu-plugins/s2-o.php
These are (MU) MUST USE plugins. For details, see this article in the WordPress® Codex.

It is VERY important that you name this particular hack file: s2-o.php. This way s2Member's isolated routine for CSS file delivery through /wp-content/plugins/s2member-o.php will pick up your hack file. CSS files for s2Member are loaded through an "s2Member Only" routine; loading WordPress only, and excluding all other plugins/hacks, except those with the name s2-o.php
add_action("ws_plugin__s2member_after_loaded", "remove_s2_pro_css"); function remove_s2_pro_css()
		remove_action("ws_plugin__s2member_during_css", "c_ws_plugin__s2member_pro_css_js::css");

Or, you could remove only specific action Hooks; based on Payment Gateway.

add_action("ws_plugin__s2member_after_loaded", "remove_s2_pro_css"); function remove_s2_pro_css()
		remove_action("ws_plugin__s2member_during_css", "c_ws_plugin__s2member_pro_alipay_css_js::alipay_css");
		remove_action("ws_plugin__s2member_during_css", "c_ws_plugin__s2member_pro_authnet_css_js::authnet_css");
		remove_action("ws_plugin__s2member_during_css", "c_ws_plugin__s2member_pro_ccbill_css_js::ccbill_css");
		remove_action("ws_plugin__s2member_during_css", "c_ws_plugin__s2member_pro_clickbank_css_js::clickbank_css");
		remove_action("ws_plugin__s2member_during_css", "c_ws_plugin__s2member_pro_google_css_js::google_css");
		remove_action("ws_plugin__s2member_during_css", "c_ws_plugin__s2member_pro_paypal_css_js::paypal_css");
Questions/Answers Does s2Member® Pro support international transactions/currencies?

Yes. You can learn all about PayPal® Pro here (see: international transactions). In fact, all of the Payment Gateways integrated with s2Member® Pro will support international transactions and international currencies. Stripe™ and PayPal® both support most countries, as does Authorize.Net®, Google® Wallet, and ClickBank®.

Questions/Answers I generated a Pro Form for Billing Updates, why is PayPal® not an option?

Customers that paid you originally with their PayPal® account, will be given a special message when they arrive at a Billing Update Form generated by s2Member®. s2Member® will explain — they need to log into their PayPal® account in order to update their Billing Information. It is not possible (even with Pro integration) to access a secure PayPal® account belonging to a Customer. For this reason, Customers that originally paid through PayPal®, must log into their actual PayPal® account to update their Billing Information. This is why there is no PayPal® option on the Billing Update Form; because on-site Billing Updates work only for Customers that paid you with a credit/debit card; such as Visa®, MasterCard®, Amex®, Discover®, Maestro®, and/or Solo®.

Questions/Answers What if I don't want to accept Maestro/Solo?

If you want to be specific about which Billing Methods you accept, you can pass a special Attribute into your Shortcode: accept="". List all of the Billing Methods you want to accept (please use a comma-delimited format). Here is an example: accept="paypal,visa,mastercard,amex,discover". If you're using PayPal® Pro, you must always accept PayPal®. s2Member® Pro will NOT allow you to exclude PayPal® from the list. Please read PayPal's Terms, under section #8. Required Use Of Express Checkout. NOTE: s2Member's integration with Authorize.Net® Pro Forms are NOT subjected to this restriction. It's also worth mentioning that the accept="" attribute is not applicable with Stripe™, since Stripe controls which payment methods they will accept.

Questions/Answers Is there a way to force a custom redirect after a successful purchase?

Yes. You can add the following Attribute to your s2Member® Pro Form Shortcode: success="". s2Member® will automatically redirect Customers to the URL you specify. s2Member® can also add query string parameters, supplying all sorts of information about the transaction. Please see s2Member® -> PayPal® Pro Forms -> Custom Return URLs on Success. This also works with s2Member's Pro Forms for Stripe™ and Authorize.Net®.

In addition, with s2Member® Pro installed, it is possible to specify a success="" Attribute for Standard PayPal® Buttons. Similar solutions are detailed for other Payment Gateways integrated with s2Member®, making it possible to force a custom redirection on success, regardless of which Payment Gateway and/or integration method you choose. This feature requires s2Member® Pro in all cases though.

Questions/Answers Can s2Member® implement a CAPTCHA on my Login/Registration Forms?

Yes and no. We've left this feature out of the plugin intentionally, because many site owners prefer to use CAPTCHA plugins that encompass all aspects of their site (including integration with comment forms in WordPress®). We recommend this one: SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam. That being said, s2Member's Pro Forms for Stripe™, PayPal® Pro and Authorize.Net® (including Free Registration Forms) CAN be configured to use Google's reCAPTCHA® service (which is free). Just add this Attribute to your Pro Form Shortcode: captcha="clean". This also works with Free Registration Forms generated with s2Member® Pro.

Questions/Answers Is s2Member® compatible with Multisite Networking?

Yes. s2Member®, and also s2Member® Pro, are BOTH compatible with Multisite Networking enabled. After you enable Multisite Networking, install the s2Member® plugin. Then navigate to s2Member® -> Multisite (Config) in the Dashboard on your Main Site (i.e. usually Blog ID# 1). If you're running WordPress® 3.1+, you'll find this in your Network Administration panel.

Questions/Answers Can s2Member® be translated into other languages?

Yes. s2Member® and s2Member® Pro are now equipped with support for front-end translation, using standard WordPress® methodologies; i.e. we've implemented the use of _x(), and various other translation routines for many aspects of s2Member's front-end interfaces. For instance, things like Profile panels, Login/Registration Fields, and Pro Form integrations; as well as error messages displayed to Users/Members. Translation support for back-end admin panels provided by s2Member® will come in a future release.

Like WordPress® itself, we chose to use the GNU gettext localization framework to provide localization infrastructure for s2Member®. GNU gettext is a mature, widely used framework for modular translation of software, and is the de facto standard for localization in the open source/free software realm. If you'd like to translate s2Member® and/or s2Member® Pro, please use the POT file found inside /s2member/includes/translations/s2member.pot, which contains all translation entries for both the s2Member® Framework (i.e. the free version), and also for s2Member® Pro. You translate this one POT file, and that covers both software applications. The file: /s2member/includes/translations/s2member.pot will be updated with each new release of s2Member®.

If this is your first translation of a WordPress® plugin, this article and/or this article, might be of some assistance. When you are finished translating the s2member.pot file, place your completed s2member-[locale].mo file into this directory: /wp-content/plugins/. s2Member® will find it there and load it automatically into WordPress® for you. Please feel free to share your translation with the rest of the s2Member® community.

Quick Tip: If you only need to translate the front-end of s2Member®, please ignore entries in the s2member.pot file with a context matching s2member-admin. Those sections of s2Member® are only seen by site Administrators; they are NOT used in s2Member's front-end integration with WordPress®. Skipping over translation entries with a context matching s2member-admin can save you time.

Quick Tip: Many site owners have found this plugin to be easier than using software applications like POEdit. See:

Questions/Answers What if I have other questions not covered here?

Please check the s2Member® Knowledge Base, our Video Tutorial Library and Forums. You can also use the s2Member® Search Engine to find anything that is not readily available. If there is something you can't find an answer to, please contact our Sales Dept.

Contacting s2Member: Please use our Support Center for bug reports, pre-sale questions & technical assistance.