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s2Member® v150102 (Now Available)

Happy New Year to All! You should receive a Dashboard notice shortly. It’s time to update s2Member and s2Member Pro! You can bring your s2Member installation up-to-date with a shiny new version number (v150102; released Jan 2nd, 2015). This release includes several bug fixes, updates for WP v4.1 & v4.2-alpha compatibility, and lots of Stripe integration improvements too. It’s a …

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InfusionSoft integration

Here’s a video that Sterling Chase, from our s2Member Pro community, made to show how he integrated s2Member with InfusionSoft using Parsey’s service: You may also be interested in this tutorial by Randy King about integrating with InfusionSoft using s2Member Pro’s Remote Operations API: Both integrations are limited, but they may be enough for what you want, just as …

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s2Member v141007 (Now Available)

Woohoo! Another great release w/ bug fixes, tweaks, and feature enhancements. We put quite a bit of work into revamping s2Member’s AWeber integration in this release. While we were at it, we enhanced our MailChimp integration too :-) Unified Changelog:s2Member & s2Member Pro v141007 (s2Member/s2Member Pro) Bug Fix: The EOT Behavior option for refunds,partial_refunds,reversals was not being accepted by s2Member. …

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New Features in s2Member v140816

The most recent version of s2Member and s2Member Pro (v140816) introduced several bug fixes, enhancements, and also some new features. For the full list, please see: s2Member Changelog for v140816 New Features (Highlights) in s2Member v140816 (s2Member/s2Member Pro) bbPress Forum Compatibility Woohoo! This release of s2Member improves s2Member’s compatibility with bbPress Forums/Topics/Replies. It is now possible to protect a Forum …

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Stripe™ Bug Fixes

The latest release of s2Member Pro v140816 corrects two issues that surfaced during our extended beta testing phase. Having these bugs fixed now, brings us all one step closer to leaving the beta phase with respect to Stripe Pro Forms for WordPress. Summary of Changes Related to Stripe in s2Member Pro v140816 How can I Try Stripe™ Pro Forms in …

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Stripe™ Pro Forms (Beta) ~ Now Available

The latest release of s2Member® Pro v140725 now comes with support for the Stripe™ payment gateway. This includes a deep integration with s2Member® Pro Forms, and also with Stripe’s event-driven webhooks. This is great news for all s2Member® Pro site owners. Upgrade at any time (no extra charge); i.e. Stripe™ support is included with the latest release of the software. …

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Advanced Import/Export Tools

s2Member comes with two different Import/Export Tool flavors. Both flavors import/export in the CSV (comma-separated values) format. However, they each construct CSV data differently. In addition, the Advanced Import/Export Tools allow for a MUCH larger set of data to be manipulated. In this article I will discuss the Advanced Import/Export Tools. If you would like to learn more about the …

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Emergency Password Recovery

This article at already covers quite a few scenarios. Very helpful in an emergency situation. However, since s2Member is so tightly integrated with WordPress (when it comes to user access) we thought it might help to cover emergency password recovery in greater detail and provide a few suggestions of our own. The Easiest Way If you simply forgot your …

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Get the Entire Recurring Profile via PayPal Pro

If you’re running s2Member Pro Forms against PayPal Pro (Payflow Edition), use: . This is the most common type of account (i.e. the Payflow Edition). However, if for some reason this API Function doesn’t work for you, please try the second variation mentioned later in this article — it’s for the older PayPal Pro (non-Payflow edition). A Quick Example of …

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The Power of [s2Get /]

s2Member comes with the shortcode, and also with an API Function get_user_field() for use in PHP template files. Both of these do much the same thing, so I’m going to discuss them both together. The shortcode is actually powered by the API Function. Both of these tools are used to retrieve details about a specific user. For instance, you might …

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How to Allow Only Paying Members to Search

Create the following directory and file:

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s2Member v140603 (Now Available)

v140603 (Unified Changelog) See also: Changes in v140520 Important to note that v140520 (the previous release) introduced automatic server-side validation for any Custom Registration/Profile Fields that you configure. Hooray! ~ I know many of you have been looking for this functionality for quite some time. It’s finally here. Stay tuned, we have another big announcement to make over the next …

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[s2Member-List /] Shortcode (Pro Version Only)

Shortcode Examples Optional Shortcode Attributes (Documentation) These Attributes Impact the User Query (i.e. the Search Itself) These Attributes Control the Output Display (i.e. the Template) This Attribute Enables Search Box Functionality in the List These Attributes are Rarely Used (i.e. for Advanced Site Owners)

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New [s2Drip] Shortcode (Pro Version Only)

Content Dripping is the gradual, pre-scheduled release of premium website content to paying Members. This has become increasingly popular, because it allows older Members; those who have paid you more, due to recurring charges; to acquire access to more content progressively; based on their original paid registration time. It also gives you (as the site owner), the ability to launch …

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Jetpack: Critical Security Update

Jetpack is not a WebSharks plugin, but we know that many of our users might be running the Jetpack plugin on their WordPress sites so we’re passing along an important announcement that was made regarding a security vulnerability in the Jetpack plugin. From the announcement on During an internal security audit, we found a bug that allows an attacker …

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