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I have to say: this is freaking amazing, what you have packed into this plugin. Outstanding! I've spent the last two days evaluating 200+ different packages (some WP, some not) for paid membership management, and yours has bubbled to the top of the list as the number 1 contender.

– Greg Mulhauser ~ via s2Member® Support.

First - AWESOME feature updates to Pro. I've tried MagicMembers, WishList Member, AMember Pro, MemberwingX and hands down S2Member is the best... The UI is extremely friendly, super easy to set up - just all around a really well designed system. Bravo!

– Chuck ~ via s2Member® Support.

As I prepare to initiate my first significant product launch (after several years of learning and experimenting with various product and website setups) it feels so great to have my site built on solid components like s2Member. You and your staff have been fantastic in helping me to resolve any issues that I had with my setup. I am confident, both in the system itself, and in the support that stands behind it. Thanks for going over the top. I appreciate it!

– Randy Pipes w/ Life Development Services, LLC ~ via s2Member® Support.

Your plugin is very good. I'm very happy I found it and implemented it. It's exactly what I needed for my website: payments, subscriptions, individually controlled page and content access, streaming from Amazon servers, download links which can expire, capabilities - I used all these features. Some plugins I have bought before (for similar prices) are rubbish, not finished with a lot of errors - s2Member works perfectly, even with very complicated systems. Well-tested. Well done!

– Robert Feranec ~ via s2Member® Support.

WOW... first we really like the S2Member Pro! If I were a programmer I think I'd really be wowing this more..still learning though. I've used Amember for years and there were always some issues causing me to put the membership down while we fixed it. What a great addition for Wordpress, lots of options for memberships, good job.

– Theresa Powers ~ via s2Member® Support.

I sat here for the past few hours viewing the videos and find this plugin a real top notch plugin and would like to sing my praises to you guys.

– Albert Matthews ~ via s2Member® Support.

Well, if I haven't said it before I'll say it now, I LOVE YOU GUYS! This is amazing software!

– Michael w/ Avatar Publication ~ via s2Member® Support.

Just a note to say how much I'm loving s2Member. I'll be upgrading to the pro version very soon as my little site is growing.

– Robert Tovell ~ via s2Member® Support.

I'd really like to help support s2Member (mainly because I receive 10x the amount I paid in value). How do I go about upgrading to an unlimited license?

– Trenton Scott ~ via s2Member® Support.

Loving the amazing extensibility of the plugin and how incredibly thorough it is. Very well done!

– David (aka: son0fhobs) ~ via s2Member® Support.

Thanks again for all of your hard work. S2Member is the best plugin (and best documented plugin) for WordPress that I have used. I consider it money very well spent!

– Bill Leimkuehler ~ via s2Member® Support.

Jason - Awesome job on the videos! I'm just about through them all, and can't wait to get back and implement some of what I've learned.

– Dave (aka: Dr Dave) ~ via s2Member® Support.

This is the first time I've used S2Member/S2Member Pro, and I LOVE it! I have some other clients that I'm going to recommend it to. Thanks again guys!

– Kojak @ Eclipse SEO ~ via s2Member® Support.

My compliments on your exceptionally clear instructional videos and documentation. The forums have been a great help as well.

– Editor @ Berkshire Review ~ via s2Member® Support.

Cheers guys, thanks for all the help, this forum has been so so useful! I'll be doing another website using s2member over the next couple of months.

– Zoe (aka: epixmedia) ~ via s2Member® Support.

Have been extremely impressed with both of your S2Member plug-in, and your obvious knowledge of the WordPress platform.

– Dave Michaels ~ via s2Member® Support.

Thank you for such an excellent plugin! s2Member has been a fantastic addition to the site and I am extremely happy with it!

– Terry ~ via s2Member® Support.

Thanks for the incredible products. I mean incredible. Surpassed my high expectations.

– Nate Shivar ~ via s2Member® Support.

Thank you for all your hard work and long hours in developing s2Member!!

– Jim Bonham ~ via s2Member® Support.

Thanks for a fantastic plugin - if only all plugins were built and supported this well!

– Zion Consulting ~ via s2Member® Support.

Thanks Bruce! And thank you s2Member. This is a fantastic plugin!!

– Holley ~ via s2Member® Support.

You guys are super! Great plug-in and super support! Thanks

– Scully ~ via s2Member® Support.

I use your S2 membership plugin in my site. I love it.

– David McKee ~ via s2Member® Support.

My business partners are really impressed with all your work and services.

– Alex Kelly ~ via s2Member® Support.

I currently use the s2 Member Free plugin. It's the best plugin I have used ever!!!

– Blitz Beats ~ via s2Member® Support.

I love your S2Member plugin. I purchased it several times on behalf of my clients.

– Jean Morency ~ via s2Member® Support.

Great product - the deeper I've gotten into it the more I like.

– Mark Hallenberg ~ via s2Member® Support.

I recently purchased S2memberPro. It is quite impressive.

– Ken Middleton ~ via s2Member® Support.

Thank you Jason. s2member is avert professional piece of software. Very professional.

– Paul Foster ~ via s2Member® Support.

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