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Coupons without PayPal Pro

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Posted: Sunday Nov 10th, 2013 at 8:46 am #60982


I just purchased s2Member Pro to allow for coupons. Unfortunately I live in sweden, so PayPal Pro is not an option for me. But after reading som threads here, I understand that I can use the s2Member Pro Forms without PayPal Pro, and thus the coupons for the Pro Forms.

I generated a new Pro Forms shortcode, and changed the accept option to just paypal:


And also added the following to my css file:

div.s2member-pro-paypal-form-billing-method-section {display: none;}

But this shows a form for creating a new profile, even when I’m logged in. I’d like it to work kind of like now with the buttons, but with an option for coupons. How do I accomplish this?


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Posted: Monday Nov 11th, 2013 at 8:03 pm #61010

I tried a few differnt things, but got neither to work. So I ended up creating my own solution. Prior to buying the upgrade I read this on your site:

The Pro Coupons feature can only be used with s2Member Pro-Forms, but neither the Pro-Forms nor the Pro Coupons require PayPal Pro.

*PayPal® Pro is NOT Absolutely Required* s2Member is very flexible. It is now possible to integrate Pro Forms without a PayPal® Pro account, whereby the enhanced Form Shortcodes that s2Member provides can be integrated ONLY with PayPal® Express Checkout. In other words, if you get declined for PayPal® Pro service, you can still use s2Member Pro Forms. Ask PayPal® to activate Express Checkout for you. ( it’s free ). Once Express Checkout is enabled, you will have access to your PayPal® API Credentials. Log into your PayPal® account, and navigate to Profile -> API Access (or Request API Credentials). You’ll choose ( Request API Signature ). Now … here is the tricky part; whenever you generate a Pro Form Shortcode with s2Member, be sure to changeaccept=”paypal,visa,mastercard,amex,discover,maestro,solo” to just accept=”paypal”; thereby excluding the on-site credit card processing functionality; which is available only with PayPal® Pro.

I figured it would work for logged in members as well. But it didn’t work the way I thought at all. Since I’m from sweden I can’t use PayPal Pro. Would you consider a refund? I don’t have any use at all for the Pro version if the coupons don’t work.


Posted: Monday Nov 11th, 2013 at 11:12 pm #61016
Username: cassel

You definitely don’t need paypal pro. I don’t have Paypal pro, and I do use the Pro-forms and coupons.

I didn`t have to set up anything or change anything to the css. Just generate a form the same way you would generate a button, and then remove the credit cards, the way you did, from the code. Remember to add the variable accept_coupons=”1″ in the code, which is not set like that by default.

You can see an example of the resulting form here:

When you say it is not working as expected, what are you expecting, and what are you getting?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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