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custom capablty price modification

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Posted: Thursday Feb 16th, 2012 at 1:58 pm #5390

Hi, I read everything I could find and watched all the tutorial videos, but I am still lacking the understanding on how the modification of subscribers with custom capabilities works using paypal.

my scenario.

I have 3 different types of content. (music, software, videos)

i want to give users the ability to pay for their favorite by either one day pass, monthly or lifetime (all using subscription buttons) and then receive the custom capability of their choice. After having access, I want to show upgrade options on the welcome screen to add additional services 1 at a time or to go to VIP which includes all services.

i believe creating the original buttons with the capability for the membership options will not be an issue. however, i dont know how users will be affected when trying to add capabilities.

as far as i understand, I only need level one membership.

if a user purchases access to music on monthly basis and then wants to add software or videos individually later… how do i handle this? i read that making a modification button for custom capabilities adds that custom cap to their existing ones, however how does pricing work? do i put the monthly price as the total for the existing capability plus their 2nd one? (less desirable because i wont know if they have one service or two already, or were monthly/lifetime/day pass) or do i just put the amount that it adds to their existing subscription? (more desirable, because it adds the monthly fee to their base monthly fee), or are these not modifications and i simply have them create a second or third subscription?

If they originally purchased a day pass or lifetime pass, and then wanted to add second service monthly would it be modifying a original subscription?

also, if the amount in the modification button is the new total… how do i handle that? I wont know the users current monthly rate because i wont know if they only have one or two services. i was just going to use advanced conditionals on the welcome page that say… dont have music? add it now. and so on.

for the VIP level, do I make a mod button that removes all and then adds the 3 services? or do i just put the three capabilities in the custom capability field and it knows which ones to add? also my vip package is more than 20% higher.

first service A, B or C: $1.95/month
add service A, B, or C: additional $1/month
add 3rd service A, B, or C: additional $1/month

modify any subscription to VIP for $2.95/month. please help :-) hoping to set this up asap!

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Posted: Friday Feb 17th, 2012 at 9:09 pm #5548
Raam Dev
Username: Raam
Staff Member

Hi Steve,

s2Member currently supports only one active subscription per s2Member user. If you want to add additional charges to the user’s current subscription, you would use s2Member’s Billing Modification Form (WP Admin -> s2Member -> PayPal Pro-Forms -> PayPal Pro Billing Modification Forms) to generate a button that makes the necessary “changes” to their subscription (what s2Member does in the background is actually cancel their existing subscription and start a new one with the updated rate).

Note: The s2Member Pro-Forms feature comes with s2Member Pro.

To determine which “changes” the Billing Modification button should make, you’ll need to use Advanced Conditionals (WP Admin -> s2Member -> API/Scripting -> Advanced/PHP Conditionals) on the Welcome Page to determine which Custom Capabilities the user currently has and then show the relevant billing modification buttons.

To simply add additional capabilities to an account, you can use the PayPal Pro Capability (Buy Now) Forms (WP Admin -> s2Member -> PayPal Pro Forms -> PayPal Pro Capability (Buy Now)), however that will not affect recurring subscriptions (for that, you’ll need to use the Billing Modification form as explained above).

Also, keep in mind you have advanced features for handling Custom Capabilities:

Optional. This is VERY advanced.
See: s2Member -> API Scripting -> Custom Capabilities.

*ADVANCED TIP: You can specifiy a list of Custom Capabilities that will be (Added) with this purchase. Or, you could tell s2Member to (Remove All) Custom Capabilities that may or may not already exist for a particular Member, and (Add) only the new ones that you specify. To do this, just start your list of Custom Capabilities with `-all`.

So instead of just (Adding) Custom Capabilities:

You could (Remove All) that may already exist, and then (Add) new ones:

Or to just (Remove All) and (Add) nothing:

You could use that feature when offering a Billing Modification button for upgrading to the VIP membership, for example. You’d remove all previous Custom Capabilities and then add all the ones they entail a VIP membership.

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