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Posted: Wednesday Sep 12th, 2012 at 10:07 pm #25095
Peter Hall
Username: summitss


I have been searching the forums but may not be thinking in the best terms. I would like to know if there is an easy way to customize the Modification Notification emails to include details about what the member has changed.

The reason this came about is one member said she updated (changed) her credit card through the member profile billing change form. We use Proforms with S2Member Pro. She happened to talk to someone in support who was unable to verify that the credit card was actually changed at I have been investigating this and it appears her card was not updated.

We have a member profile change email, but it doesn’t show specifically what changed. I don’t know if this was some other info that changed or if she actually updated the card and it did not submit to

Is there a way we can add in what fields were updated or send a copy of the old & new fields for comparison? I’m sure a programmer could figure this out, but if someone already has, please point me in the right direction. I can fiddle with the PHP, but am not qualified to program something from scratch or do a major mod.

Thanks for your help.

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Posted: Thursday Sep 13th, 2012 at 1:59 am #25125
Raam Dev
Username: Raam
Staff Member

Hi Peter,

To my knowledge, s2Member does not send any Profile Modification email. Are you possibly using another plugin that is generating that email? If not, could you please copy/paste the subject from one of the notifications here?

Posted: Thursday Sep 13th, 2012 at 2:13 am #25132
Peter Hall
Username: summitss

Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough about the emails. Below is a sample. These are notifications sent in lieu of the notification URL posts.

We get these emails and have no idea what the person updated. There are two reasons this is important:

1. We send a physical package to all paid members each month and would need a new address if this changes. Therefore we like to know if this changes to update the mail labels since we don’t have an easy way to list them out yet. Since we have hundreds of members, this would be far easier than looking each up and trying to figure out what was changed.

2. As with the case in my original message, the user tried to update her credit card but it doesn’t appear to have worked in I know we do not get the credit card details, but knowing there was a change would be helpful.

Therefore if we could customize this email it would help tremendously.


( s2Member / API Notification Email ) – Modification
Sep 11 (2 days ago)

to me
( s2Member / API Notification Email ) – Modification

subscr_id: 111111111
initial: 24.95
regular: 24.95
recurring: 24.95
initial_term: 0 D
regular_term: 1 M
item_number: 1
item_name: $24.95 USD / Monthly (recurring charge, for ongoing access to Membership Site)
first_name: Bob
last_name: Smith
full_name: Bob Smith
user_first_name: Bob
user_last_name: Smith
user_full_name: Bob Smith
user_login: 12345
user_id: 1234

Posted: Thursday Sep 13th, 2012 at 7:14 am #25154

Hi Peter.

I see, you’re using the email option for the Modification Notification. [hilite path]Dashboard -› s2Member® -› API / Notifications -› Modification Notifications[/hilite]

Sorry, there isn’t an interface to edit that email, you’ll need to hack the code to change it into what you want. I think the file is one of these:


I suggest that you make a copy of the file, put it in the /wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory and edit that instead of the original.

I hope that helps. :)

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