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New signups vs expired accounts – how to tell

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Posted: Thursday Jan 9th, 2014 at 7:24 am #62506

I’ve read through the existing articles on this subject, but I couldn’t find an answer to this one. We have paid access to content working fine (levels 1-3 depending on various options), but we also allow people to ‘apply’ for free access (using level 0). So level 0 is called ‘Pending’. They are also put on a Mailchimp list which sends them a ‘Thanks for signing up – Please wait for your account to be approved’ email. When approved, they get on to the main levels for 3 months, and transitioned to a different Mailchimp list which then delivers them some content.

When their accounts expire, obviously they get demoted to level 0 again, and s2 transitions them back to the ‘level 0’ Mailchimp list. So once again they get a ‘Thanks for signing up – please wait’ email, which is confusing at best. What’s worse is that everyone who pays also ends up getting this message, and some think they might have been charged again, etc.

We have a custom profile field called ‘start_date’ which we use in the Mailchimp autoresponders to time when they start getting content. This will obviously be over 3 months in the past when an account expires, and so we could potentially use this to display different content on the ‘free access’ page (e.g. ‘Thanks for signing up’ vs ‘Your account has expired’), but Mailchimp has no way to test a relative date.

Without resorting to custom code (which I’m really trying to avoid, just to make maintenance easier), is there a better way to separate people with ‘pending’ accounts from people with ‘expired’ accounts?


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Posted: Thursday Jan 9th, 2014 at 3:30 pm #62515
Sylvia Ivie
Username: sylvia

I might be blowing smoke here but I have a thought.

You don’t say if you use all levels available in s2m. Have you considered adjusting your levels something like this?…

Level 0 – free applicant
Level 1 – Pending/trial that expires in 3 months.
Level 2 – member

etc. Do you think something like that may work? Just have mail chimp send to zero and level 1?

I am not sure it would work as you wish it to but it might be a step in the right direction for you.

I also read something about a grace period, in seconds in s2m pro. Maybe when their trial expires instead of demoting them right away have mail chimp send them an “Join now, offer good for 24 hours.” email if they don’t join, then delete the account retaining no information. I think the grace period, etc is in the downgrade, cancellations area.

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Posted: Monday Jan 13th, 2014 at 5:00 am #62580

Thanks Sylvia – I think that’s exactly what we’d do if we didn’t have the whole site already built, running and full of users :). I was hoping to avoid a complete redesign and ‘re-levelling’, but I’m assuming from the quietness here that’s pretty much the only solution that doesn’t involve lots of custom code (e.g. hacking the auto-demotion scripts to set a flag in the user profile or something).

In fact, I’ve noticed s2 does put a message in the ‘Notes’ section – it would be really nice if that code could check for a custom profile field called ‘expired’ or something and set it to ‘1’ or ‘true’… Hoping someone at s2 is still reading here :)

Posted: Monday Jan 13th, 2014 at 1:19 pm #62590
Sylvia Ivie
Username: sylvia

Whoa! Looks like this forum is being depreciated and Pro users should be seeking help from the support system and free users should be using the community forum at wordpress.

It is not that hard to manually re-level your people, depending on how many members. A couple hundred would be manageable, thousands on the other hand… not so easy, unless you downloaded them as a comma delineated file, did a search and replace, then uploaded it again after the changes have been made. (you are on your own there).

Back up everything before you try. Good luck.

In the mean time you might want to put in a support ticket and see what the “pro” folks say.

Posted: Tuesday Jan 21st, 2014 at 4:10 am #62654
john wils
Username: johnwils

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