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PayPal IPN question/problem

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Posted: Tuesday Aug 6th, 2013 at 4:07 am #55270
Damian Jones
Username: aegis

The integration says this:

PayPal® IPN / Instant Payment Notifications (required, please enable)

my problem is the (required, please enable)

I understand the IPN should return back here, but we can only have one paypal account, they don’t let us have multiple accounts. Since I have lots of websites, why do I have to specify that at PayPal as the default, if this site I am putting up is not my main site?

I would rather the notify_url be enabled to send it back to where it needs.
So why is it required?

I cannot change it at paypal as it will mess up my main website.

Please let me know how to instead force use the notify_url option.

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Posted: Tuesday Aug 6th, 2013 at 4:10 am #55271
Damian Jones
Username: aegis

Wow. nevermind. Should have read more info… had to click it to see it:

*Quick Tip* In addition to the default IPN settings inside your PayPal® account, the IPN URL is also set on a per-transaction basis by the special PayPal® Button Code that s2Member provides you with. In other words, if you have multiple sites operating on one PayPal® account, that’s OK. s2Member dynamically sets the IPN URL for each transaction. The result is that the IPN URL configured from within your PayPal® account, becomes the default, which is then overwritten on a per-transaction basis. In fact, PayPal® recently updated their system to support IPN URL preservation. One PayPal® account can handle multiple sites, all using different IPN URLs.

*NOT True w/ PayPal® Pro* With PayPal® Pro integration you absolutely MUST set an IPN URL inside your PayPal® account. PayPal® Pro integration does NOT allow the IPN location to be overridden on a per-transaction basis. If you’re using a single PayPal® Pro account for multiple cross-domain installations, and you need to receive IPN notifications for each of your domains; you’ll want to create a central IPN processing script that scans variables in each IPN response, forking itself out to each of your individual domains. In rare cases when this is necessary, you’ll find two variables in all IPN responses for s2Member. The originating domain name (i.e. will always be included somewhere within, either: custom and/or rp_invoice_id; depending on the type of transaction. These variables can be used to test incoming IPNs, and fork to the proper installation. For your convenience, an example script has been provided inside: /s2m-pro-extras/paypal-central-ipn.php. You can download all Extras here:

That fixes it.


Posted: Tuesday Aug 6th, 2013 at 7:18 am #55277

Thanks for the follow-up. Really appreciate it!

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