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Error#1000 11546-profil ID

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Author Replies
Posted: Friday Oct 26th, 2012 at 9:09 am #29773

Now with the last update, I think that’s fix. But person who have the failed payment doesn’t come to subscriber, only person who cancel or account suspended.
Thank you Jason

Posted: Friday Oct 26th, 2012 at 10:33 am #29791
Staff Member

Investigation completed.

Upon a review of both of these log files in /plugins/s2member-logs/:
paypal-api.log and paypal-payflow-api.log

I find that s2Member Pro was successful as recently as Oct 26th (today) in speaking with your Payflow API, as is indicated by this portion of your s2Member Pro log file: paypal-payflow-api.log.

'RESPMSG' => 'Approved',

I also find that s2Member Pro fails to get a valid result from the Payflow API for this section of your log file, pertaining to Recurring Profile ID: I-G1F4EG4835TD (and others like this one).

'TRXTYPE' => 'R',
'ACTION' => 'I',
'TENDER' => 'C',


  'RESULT' => '1000',
'RESPMSG' => 'Generic processor error: 11546-Profile ID is not valid for this account.  Please resubmit request with the correct profile ID.',
'HOSTCODE' => '11546',
'TRANSTIME' => '2012-10-26 06:55:54',
'__error' => 'Error #1000. Generic processor error: 11546-Profile ID is not valid for this account.  Please resubmit request with the correct profile ID.',

The reason for this error (which you’ve already spoken to PayPal about), is two different PayPal accounts having been used for a single installation of s2Member Pro (and also with two different API flavors).

What’s happened is that at some point, you ran this site with s2Member Pro running under a completely different PayPal account. Now you’ve changed to a new PayPal account (which is also using a different API flavor… you’re now running a PayPal Pro account with the Payflow edition), and s2Member is trying to pull details related to existing user subscriptions that were created with the previous integration, but those details are unavailable, because the PayPal account that was integrated previously is no longer in use (i.e. s2Member Pro is communicating with your new PayPal account via the Payflow API).

As a result, any queries made by s2Member Pro to collect details (perhaps to analyze existing subscription details prior to an upgrade, downgrade, or cancellation attempt made by a customer), are failing.

The difference between APIs would be one problem, but with both of these problems combined, I’m afraid there’s no solution that I can offer, other than to wipe away any existing integration details associated with old customers (e.g. those created prior to Oct 4th), and to keep all information associated with new members (e.g. those which were in fact created with the PayPal account you intend to keep, starting on Oct 4th I believe).

According to your log files, the last communication that s2Member Pro had with your old account, was on Oct 3rd. So my advice is to go through all of your existing members (those which paid prior to Oct 4th), and simply empty (delete) the Paid Subscr. ID field provided by s2Member in your Dashboard. You’ll need to do this manually, for each paid customer that signed up prior to Oct 4th.

Or you can use s2Member Pro’s mass import/update tool to accomplish this quicker if you like.
Dashboard -› s2Member® -› Import/Export -› User/Member Importation

While this solution is not nearly as elegant as I would prefer, it’s the only way forward that I see for you. By removing those old Paid Subscr. IDs, you’ll eliminate any further errors going forward. At the same time, your existing customers may continue to enjoy their paid access, and no service interruption will occur.

Up sides:

  • No more errors associated with Recurring Profile IDs created under the previous PayPal account.
  • No more confusion about which PayPal account is integrated with s2Member Pro.
  • While the connection between s2Member Pro and the old PayPal account will remain broken for these members that joined prior to Oct 4th, those members will continue to have access, and so long as your old PayPal account remains open, billing will continue to occur at the proper intervals, as established when the billing profiles were originally created.

Down sides:

  • Members that joined prior to Oct 4th (if they cancel or fail to make payments), s2Member Pro will have no way of communicating with the old PayPal account (e.g. no way to respond to these events in any automatic way). Thus, these members will have ongoing access, until such time as you decide they should be demoted manually (should the need for that arise some time in the future).
Posted: Friday Oct 26th, 2012 at 11:29 am #29797

I’m not sure to understand that I will have error when people cancel their membership from my old paypal account. Because it’s work now. It doesn’t work only when it’s a failed payment. Plus I haven’t the last error from paypal when people try to subscribe with their paypal account from the latest update. Can you explain it why it works now please

Posted: Friday Oct 26th, 2012 at 1:30 pm #29837
Raam Dev
Username: Raam
Staff Member


As Jason explained, the errors occur because your old members signed up when you were using a different version of PayPal. New customers (after October 3rd) won’t have any problems. Your old customers might be able to cancel their account without any problem, but automatic cancellation because of things like a failed payment won’t work because your old customers signed up through a different PayPal API.

Viewing 4 replies - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)

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