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Single user, bulk purchase : Possible?

By:  MemberJamarda in: Community Forum

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3 years, 8 months ago  MemberJamarda

Urgent fix needed for payment errors

By:  MemberJamarda in: Community Forum

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3 years, 9 months ago  Bruce

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Posted: Friday Apr 19th, 2013 at 8:00 am #47865

Oh I see.
I ll look into that. Thanks Bruce!

Posted: Thursday Apr 18th, 2013 at 6:07 am #47763

Hi Bruce,

Thanks again.



: So in no ways this is going to help me, am I right? Also, can you show me a sample pro form code which has a 100% Free Trial Period? (I have tried from my end, but all I get is ‘User authentication failed.’ error)How to include coupon feature in such a free trial period form?

“See: Knowledge Base » Offering a Free Coupon Code (100% Discount)”

: Yeah, I have checked this and the same done for now.

“You’ll have to set this up outside of s2Member, perhaps by updating a database entry every time it’s used.”

: I ll look into this. I understand that I need to trigger an action related to coupon code and update the DB, whenever any s2member gets registered. Can you guide me in what way, I can achieve this?

I understand that I have asked so many questions here, but all I need is a solution because site is almost all live. Thanks in advance

Posted: Wednesday Apr 17th, 2013 at 9:34 am #47668

Hey Bruce,

Thanks for your immediate response.

I have tried something like this…
1. I design and store the coupon code using s2member coupon code dashboard feature.
2. I will provide a link to bulk purchaser who in turn forwards the same link through mail to his group. People from that group will click the link to get the free sign up page. Other users have paid membership feature as well. (link is made up of url which holds, “?s2p-coupon=mycouponcode” as query string)
3. Done a small piece of custom to get the coupon code as conditionlj for free sign up form. Things work fine till this, now I need to limit the access. I mean, I need to generate a coupon with number of usage attribute. This is not the default feature. But can u guide me to achieve this? (Again a little part of customizing is ok. But guide me where and how to do)

By the ways, I found the following hint in dashboard coupon code generation page.

“If you want to offer something 100% free, please use a Free Registration Form instead.
Either that, or you can offer a Free Trial Period in your Shortcode.”
“However, s2Member WILL allow the (ta) Trial Amount to be discounted all the way down to $0.00.”

I m using free registration form method now. But I m willing to use most of the default functionality without or minimum custom. What about

“Free Trial Period in your Shortcode”

How would this help me?
Can u show some examples for giving 100% free through trial period mode?
Please help me, I m really struck and need to meet this requirement

Posted: Friday Mar 22nd, 2013 at 1:16 am #45442

Danny, Please update here if the code works fine. Even I have done the same, just wanna confirm. I have some other issues with my payment setup, so I cannot run this for test.


Posted: Friday Mar 22nd, 2013 at 12:26 am #45433

Hi Bruce,

I have checked that.. Logged in paypal manager, and it says I have PayFlow SDK/API Access -> Live. I have called paypal for confirming the same, and found that my paypal pro account supports payflow.
Now, I have configured S2member Payflow account details like this:

API Username = Merchant Login
Password = Password
API Partner = PayPal
API Vendor = Merchant Login

But still no fix for the above error.

What else I have missed out?

Posted: Wednesday Mar 20th, 2013 at 10:48 am #45233


I have configured PayFlow credentials -> “Dashboard -› s2Member® -› PayPal® Options -› PayFlow”. But still why do I get this error?
I believe, Payflow® API Username is PayPal® API Username and Your Payflow® API Password is PayPal® API Password. Payflow® API Partner is PayPal. Did I do that right or something went wrong? Please help

Posted: Wednesday Mar 20th, 2013 at 4:36 am #45204

Hey there Llama! U are absolutely right. Even my issue got resolved 2 days back and fix was the same, ‘Activation of paypal pro’!

I think the below mentioned guidelines should be highlighted (through any means), when someone purchases s2Member pro. Just a suggestion, they can highlight and notify this when a user creates a pro form… as they alert for paypal settings when not configured. Now the below one is found somewhere in paypal pro guidelines. If we are not using paypal pro, why do will pay attention here? Hope s2 people understand this!

“*PayPal® Pro is NOT Absolutely Required* s2Member is very flexible. It is now possible to integrate Pro Forms without a PayPal® Pro account, whereby the enhanced Form Shortcodes that s2Member provides can be integrated ONLY with PayPal® Express Checkout. In other words, if you get declined for PayPal® Pro service, you can still use s2Member Pro Forms. Ask PayPal® to activate Express Checkout for you. (it’s free). Once Express Checkout is enabled, you will have access to your PayPal® API Credentials. Log into your PayPal® account, and navigate to Profile -› API Access (or Request API Credentials). You’ll choose (Request API Signature). Now … here is the tricky part; whenever you generate a Pro Form Shortcode with s2Member, be sure to change accept=”paypal,visa,mastercard,amex,discover,maestro,solo” to just accept=”paypal”; thereby excluding the on-site credit card processing functionality; which is available only with PayPal® Pro.”

And to Bruce,

Thanks for responding. My issue is fixed. But my request is, Please have some better way for customers support. This is a premium plugin and forum correspondence does not help on time.
Thanks again!

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